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icon Dec 11, 2019

People often refer to such sizing as cropping it allows you to delete undesirable elements from your photo. Or if a picture is too big and it doesn’t fit the website where you want to upload it. There is a great number of online services for it, but sometimes it happens vice versa that your picture is small and isn’t good enough for illustration of a particular phenomenon you need. Or you downloaded this picture from any photobank in a small size as it was cheaper and now you need to change the size of the image online without losing quality. If you are familiar with these issues you should definitely be introduced to some of the tools which will help you to make your images bigger.

photo after upscaling with imageupscaler

How to increase the size of image online? knows exactly how to do it. This service is capable to work with really small images. At the beginning choose an image you would like to enlarge. Then with the help of a mixer, which you can move in the direction you need to define the size. Or if it is preferable for you to work with pure numbers, in such a case, you can write down width and height in pixels. After it presses the button «enlarge» you will see previews of the enlarged picture.

There are four variants from which you may choose as there are four methods to enlarge a photo. Zoom image to see the result or have a better look at it in fullscreen. Before downloading you can also crop the resized photo if you need. Moreover, you may download all four variants, as they really differ, or select one and download only it. This service is easy to work with as you can see it on your own and it gives results in a couple of minutes.

Image is a free tool that gives you an opportunity to enlarge images and preserve quality. In order to use it, you should do simple actions. Choose the file from your device or you can even paste the URL, from the Internet which is very convenient. It works preferably with small pictures, which are up to 6 Mb, so just keep it in mind. Besides, it supports different photo formats such as jpg, png, gif, BMP. Then you need to define the measurement of the enlarged image.

There are three fields to do it, but you should full fill only one of them. You may put down the zoom factor like «2» even decimals may be also used for example in this way «2.5». And write down desirable width or height. Confirm it by pressing the button «Start». Consequently, in a couple of seconds, you get resized image online without losing quality. This service also suggests suitable filters for your image. In order to save ― click on the photo and you get the opportunity to see it in full size or to download it to your device. Enjoy the work with this online image size editor.

Imaage Enlarger

Image Upscaler is one of the best online photo size enlargers. As its working principle is based on a neural network, which makes it possible the resize images online without losing quality. For working with it you should obviously upload a picture, which shouldn’t be larger than 5 Mb. It doesn’t require any software. So you can work online using any device you wish. All you need to do is to press the button «Resize image now», and choose the file. And click on «upscale image». As a result, you will see the original image and a resized one. Click on «download» at the bottom. So, you have the image which was done thanks to neural networks and GAN, which looks realistic and preserves rather good quality.

homepage imageupscaler

Just in case, you have an opportunity to enlarge the image 4 times!

Why do we choose online image size editors?

That’s true that we can perform resizing of images in Photoshop or GIMP or use tools in installed programmers. But sometimes we have to do it immediately and there is no editor on your phone but you have Internet access, so you can use the online image size editor free and without any registration. Also, you may face such a situation that you don’t often need this action and the installation of programmers is reluctant.

Scaling pictures is an inevitable part of working with images for beginners and progressive users, so all of us should be updated about the latest trends in this sphere. Besides online tools are simple in working and you don’t need extra knowledge to use them effectively. Meanwhile installed programmers demand instructions and are often difficult for beginners and even simple actions will take pain.

What is more some tools like Image Upscaler for example use technology which allows scale pictures with neural networks which rebuild necessary elements in order to create the perfect picture of excellent quality? But it should be mentioned, that all these services are developing and in progress to make better results every time you use them. As of now, they work really better with logos, than with people’s faces. There is always something to improve, right?


So now you know how to resize images online without losing quality. All you need for it is already in this post. Don’t be confused with numerous installations and figuring out how to resize your picture! Use online photo size enlargers for this purpose. As these services have lots of advantages. They are free, understandable for use, don’t take much time, do not require extra space on your device perform a great job in upscaling images and manage to keep high quality.

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