10 Ways To Master The Art Of Wedding Photography (And Make Sure The Couple Loves The Pics!)

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That once in a lifetime moment has many of us giddy with excitement and anticipation. We spend tons of money on the best atelier to buy that divine dress, exquisite jewelry. Choose that famous French chef for the decadent three layered wedding cake, not to forget lots of Dom Perignon for the guests. 

But the good news is you don’t need to spend tons on wedding photography to convert jpg to hd image or for the digital enhancement of photos. Simply head to ImageUpscaler for dreamy pictures on your dream day!

Jesse van Kalmthout of Jesse van Kalmthout Photography says, “Confront your inner demons and fight them. Every single wedding photographer makes a ton of errors for every great shot or award. It’s about failing and then failing better. So infuse your personality and keep going, because there is no way around failure, only straight through it.”

One size fit all mantra doesn’t apply here. Every photographer’s style and ideology is uniquely different but the common denominator composed of some basic technical skills, knowledge and determined attitude gets every maestro started on their road to success to make the couple’s day truly special.

Listen to Jesse and follow the 10 top tips to become a pro wedding photographer:

Explore The Location

Surveying the wedding location is important for any professional wedding photographer. Get a fair idea of how the natural lighting floods the place or if portable lighting will be necessary. Surveying also help with finding out some special spots for those memorable shots. 

Equally important for any wedding photographer is to learn how to digitally enhance photos.

Plan Your Day

Every wedding photographer has had their fair share of lucrative deals but it’s not always luck that brings it to your table. Planning with the right strategy and consistency gets you on top of the ladder. Its important to have a wedding day plan. 

Ask for the wedding schedule to accordingly plan including several contact details for emergency purposes. Get to know the family of the bride and groom along with the bridesmaids and groomsmen to familiarize with people playing roles on that special day.

Be Early On The Set!

It’s essential to arrive early on the wedding day to run tests with your gear, assess the weather conditions for the day and set up your gear. You also get to introduce yourself to the guests, this builds rapport and promotes you as a brand.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Check your gear and photography equipment’s condition. Assess which lenses or camera you might be using according to the location and weather. Whether the camera’s batteries are fully charged and the memory card has enough storage for 100s of photographs. 

Carry two cameras and most of the other equipment for emergencies and master the art how to digitally enhance photos.

Do Not Delete Any Shot

It’s understandable that you would want to delete any bad shots. Like any professional photographer you will be mindful to delete any shot that might put your skills to question but it would take your mind off your main job: photographing the event, capturing every special moment. 

Besides, it’s up to the bride and groom and their family to decide good and bad; convert jpg to HD image or go for further digital enhancement of photos.

Keep It Natural

Now that everything is set and ready: your equipment, wedding preparations. Get ready to capture those enchanting moments in the moment itself while all the magic is happening. When the sultry smile and love envelope the couple, go for the natural click. Avoid pushing the equipment into their faces to keep them from getting too conscious and losing all the spark.

Create A Relaxed And Fun Environment

Have fun with the guests. Keep your tone and attitude breezy yet professional to make it a happy and comfortable event for both parties. Make a few jokes, listen to their ideas and appreciate them. Make them feel special, let them know they all look great on the camera. Later on you can convert picture to hd quality.

Never Say Never

Whenever a client or guest ask you take their picture in a certain pose or place, don’t snub them.  It might not come out perfect but you can convert photo to hd quality afterwards.

Pay Attention To Every Detail

Be constantly alert and be on your feet to capture that secretly shed a tear or a bubble of laughter. By assessing people’s body language. You would be surprised to learn how abrupt and beautiful emotions can be. 


Not only is the day special for the bride and groom but you can also enjoy some wonderful moments. Savor the atmosphere and enjoy the food. Bon Appetit.

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