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icon Dec 10, 2019

We face resizing of photos everywhere. Plenty of shots and you are run out of free space, at the same time you are not ready to say goodbye to these photos. The good news is that reducing image size was invented. Though this topic seems to be incredibly simple, there are some issues that may disturb your productive work with photos. In this post, we will organize your knowledge about photo conversion in perfect order. What do we imply in the word conversion? Usually, it is a change of photos formats or size, in order to widen our opportunities for further work with them.

Let’s recollect what formats of photos exist. The best known and actively used raster images are JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, PNG, RAW, EPS formats. Besides, there are vector graphics and 3D images formats that are often used for printing.

If you wonder what the best format for your photos is. I should say that it is a tricky question because everything depends on your purpose. For example, TIFF will serve you right for printing. JPG, PNG GIFs are widely used in web graphics. BMP allows have pictures of amazing quality, but its size is very big and it brings some troubles and it is not convenient to keep those photos.

Why do We Need Conversion?

As it was mentioned different formats and sizes are great but individually for every aim you want to achieve

  • You need extra space for proper work of your computer or any other device
  • If you need to make a print on clothes or cups
  • Downloading of large pictures takes too long on websites
  • You have to upload pictures of particular format and size on a website
  • Marketing purposes: creating logo, invitations

How can we convert the size of the pictures? Lots of tools and apps are used for this aim. You may use both online image size conversion and tools which exist in installed photo programmers. There is an opportunity to change pixels of photos online literally in a couple of steps and a few minutes. But you must be careful with proportions, as they must be preserved. In other words, you should change the width and height of any image according to the rules. Otherwise, the quality will be spoiled.

Where can we convert and resize images?

Photoshop doesn’t need any promotion. It can crop and resize shots for sure. Photos remain to be in good quality and they are ready for the next actions. Couples of apps in the App Store and PlayMarket, which are mainly out of charge, allow you to crop pictures without problems and with minimal effort.

Convert Size of Image Online

  • PicResize provides online image size conversion. Sure thing you choose the size of picture which you need and its quality. And don’t worry, your image will be changed, though it is not reflected immediately.
resize your picture

On the right, you can see the width and height of the original picture and the estimated final.

resize your picture

Besides here are some tools which make resizing more fun. For example, you can use different frames for your picture; in addition, some effects can be applied, such as oil paint, Polaroid, photo slide, Raise. Moreover, there is a possibility to work with the corners of your image, they can be rounded, scorched, sharpen and spread. Also, you can choose the format in which cropped images will be saved. That is pretty useful.

image file format
  • Toolur is a great service for compressing photos. It helps to clean your PC and create extra space for new files. For its usage you should upload an image or even several at a time. Then you may choose compression method, image quality, compression type and click «compress image», after it the only thing left to do is to download.
  • Web Resizer is one more service which cares about the size and quality of your images. Here you can convert the size and use their extra tools: frames, filters or you may rotate picture if you need.
web resizer

I am quite satisfied with this result, 93% smaller this is a big deal for your devices.

  • Image Optimizer converts and resizes an image extremely fast, go check it yourself!
image optimizer

As usual, we resize pictures because we face problems while working with photos that are very large. But this action can seriously damage the quality of the photo, which is hard to restore in the future if we suddenly decide to return its previous characteristics. You probably know it from your own experience.

Is There a Way to Convert the Size of a Picture and Keep it’s Original Quality?

Nowadays it is more than just a dream, it is our reality thanks to neural networks which are used in creating tools that change pixels of photos online. They manage to restore missing pixels and create excellent photos as a solution to the blurry effect. A neural network is the next big thing in the sphere of photography because it is capable to make photos better, in a very effective way. Such a service as Image Upscaler works due to neural networks and GAN (Generative adversarial network). It can enlarge any small photo and fill in lacking elements which lead to improving photo quality. Consequently, you get realistic, rather good-looking, and of desirable size photos.

Resizing an image is required in everyday life as well as for professional photographers or web designers and for ordinary people, so this is a topical question. Optimization of your device by converting the size is a simple and wise decision. But remember that while using any tools or apps we should stick to simple rules such as proportions, size of the image, and it’s quality. As far as images often become blurry after resizing, Image Upscaler is capable to fix it. Conversion of photos is available online, in apps, and tools in installed programmers. Try it here!

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