Deep Learning AI

Deep Learning AI: the most popular ways of using

People used to think that Artificial Intelligence is something from the distant future. Nonetheless, AI achievements are widely used in various areas of life – from cars to kids’ toys. Frequently, people don’t even know that their lovely wireless headphones were designed with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

So, let’s dig deeper and find out what the AI is and what it goes with.

Artificial Intelligence vs Deep Learning. What is the difference?

A century ago Artificial Intelligence was considered as machine thinking. Currently, the using of AI has been developing rapidly, so now it refers to machines that respond to stimulation in the same way as humans monitor & process information and make decisions.

Artificial Intelligence works on a base of the algorithm – a set of steps to follow while making a decision. No doubt, the right decision could be made if the algorithm is effective. But how is it possible to reach this effectiveness?

Algorithms should train the ability of contemplation and handling the data. The more it learns, the more accurate predictions it provides. Frequently, people mistakenly identify Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning. It’s like all trucks are vehicles, but not all vehicles are always trucks.

Machine learning

Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence which supplies AI systems with the ability to automatically handle information for producing the most appropriate decision. It collects tons of data, processes it and empowers algorithms for accurate predicting. This way machine learning creates a pattern of thinking.

Machine learning makes it possible to build prompt and automatic models that can quickly explore big and complex data for providing fast and exact predictions. It works even with a large scale of information. Using well-trained models, the most revolutionary opportunities could be identified.

Deep learning

Deep learning is a new revolutionary generation of Machine learning. It is an application of Artificial intelligence. Deep Learning works autonomously and doesn’t depend on the human. While Machine Learning that was produced in the past still needs some action from an alive user, Deep Learning produces results similar to the human brain.

It may seem like a fantastic story, however, we face it every day not knowing that this is it! Deep Learning operates on a base of artificial neural networks. These networks are developed with a structure similar to the biological neural network of the human brain. Such an organization of Deep Learning brings the ability to analyze information and make decisions close to the way how the human brain does.

How and what for the Deep Learning AI is being used

Deep Learning simplifies modern life significantly. For instance, a user can face it while recognizing a text on an image or video. Song searching for a melody and automatic conversion of a real conversation into a text are done using Deep Learning as well. Let’s consider a few ways of its applying.

Image recognition

The human brain perceives the picture as a set of signals. As a result, the person remembers the object and the feeling it brings.

Computers with the help of Deep Learning consider the image as a color polygon or sheet of pixels with numbers for naming colors. While recognizing, smart technology outlines the shapes of objects first. Then the type of the object and its features are identified as well.

After the most important parts are recognized, other algorithms predict parts of the image and the category they belong to. This way Deep Learning does its best to describe the object.

In fact, Deep Learning is cutting-edge technology in the photo editing area. It helps to convert colored images to monochromic, add bright effects and process pictures through interesting filters. As a result, the user gets oil painting or mosaic image instead of the traditional boring shoot.

This revolutionary achievement of developers helps not only improve photos for the blog but also recognize criminals and recover old historical photos.

Game Go and AlphaGo

Game Go is an old strategic board game for two players that appeared in China more than two thousand years ago. Having more moves and possible positions, Go is much more complicated than chess.

Until recently Chinese games considered one of the most difficult games, which humans played better than the computer. However, AlphaGo was designed and things have changed. In 2016, the program has beaten the world champion Lee Sedol with a score of 4:1. It was the historical moment since the machine beat a human in Go first time.

Lee Sedol is not the only professional who was overcome. Deep Learning also won Ke Jie and other Go masters. From competition to competition AlphaGo algorithms became stronger and smarter. It had been stimulating interest and investments in Artificial Intelligence development all over the world.

Deep Learning AI for photo editing. Image Upscaler

One of the most essential achievements of Deep Learning AI is new opportunities for image editing. The ability to recognize photos and add creative filters is not a limit of Artificial Intelligence in photo enhancing.

Generative Adversarial Networks makes it possible to recreate gapped pixels, clean artifacts and enlarge image making it more sharpen. For instance, let’s take a look at Image Upscaler.

Image Upscaler is an easy-to-use online photo enhancing tool. Being developed on a base of Deep Learning, it can resize photo making it larger, clean blur parts of the picture and remove artifacts. Algorithms have been trained on a billion images to understand how everything surrounded should look like. Now, when the user uploads a photo, Image Upscaler scans it, identifies the object and then does an amazing work while enhancing.

Top Image - simple image stretching. Bottom - enlarged with Image Upscaler

People use the achievements of Artificial Intelligence living with a thought that it is not yet relevant to them. At the same time, in recent years AI is the reality of daily life.

The yields of Machine Learning and Deep Learning helped to make revolutionary discoveries and brought incredible opportunities in medicine, security, engineering, and technology.

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