For Photographers: How to Combine Study and Favorite Occupation

icon Oct 12, 2021
how to combine study and occupation

Multitasking is an overestimated skill. When you focus on multiple things at once, you risk your success in any of them. When you study, in particular, it’s dangerous to stay regularly committed to an occupation. That’s why so many photography lovers put their passion on hold during secondary and tertiary education.

But let’s look at it this way: most students have to work anyway. How about turning photography into an actual occupation? If you have a natural talent and you’re willing to invest some extra time in learning and practice, this hobby can bring you some money. The important thing is not to forget about your studies at any moment.

Tips: How to Be a Photographer and a Student at the Same Time

Have a Plan

This seems like such a mainstream tip that’s included in every “how-to” article. But it’s the foundation to success. When you start planning and following your goals, you’ll feel like there’s enough time to achieve more than you thought was possible.

Start with your big goals. You want to complete your studies within a given timeline, and you want to become a successful photographer in the meantime. What does “a successful photographer” mean to you? Do you want to become an Instagram master with more than 100K followers? Make that goal precise.

Then, break down your big goals into yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily achievements. When you have small goals that progress towards the big ones, it will be possible to fit them into a daily plan. They will seem realistic. It won’t be a problem to attend classes, take a few photos and edit them, complete your homework, and publish the photographs on Instagram.

The important thing is to follow the plan!

Combine Study and Photography Like a Professional

Did you know what professional photographers do when they have a lot of tasks during the day, but at the same time they are studying at university? They combine their studies and their hobby by entrusting their university tasks to content writing professionals. At the beginning of their studies (first one or two years), there are not too many tasks and they are quite realistic to do them on their own, without help. But, as soon as it comes to such important tasks as writing a dissertation, then they can’t combine them, because a dissertation is a very time-consuming task. Fortunately, you can get EduBirdie dissertation help and other help with content writing tasks from experts. The service will also help you save time on other heavy tasks (term paper, thesis, etc.) and devote more time to your favorite hobby. In conclusion: it is very easy to combine study and photography.

Follow a Small Business Course

Do you have the option to take a small business course at college? Photography is a business, and you have to treat it that way if you want to turn it into an occupation. You go to college anyway, so you’ll choose a course that contributes towards your photography goals and get the credits as well. It’s a win-win situation!

A small business course will teach you how to develop and follow a strategy, do market research, create a successful marketing campaign, and more.

Consider Part-Time Studies

If you want to treat photography not only as a hobby but as an occupation, you can consider the option of part-time studies. They have a different level of commitment when compared to full-time studies, but the degree is essentially the same.

As a full-time student, you have to spend at least 12 hours per week in class. That doesn’t include the time necessary for completing assignments and studying for exams. Part-time studies require much less time spent in class. You’ll still have to complete coursework and study. However, you’ll have more space to focus on another important aspect of your life: photography!

Balance Between Responsibilities!

When you want to work as a photographer and study at the same time, you’ll have two main priorities in your life. They are both equally important, so you’ll have to treat them that way.

It’s okay to put photography in the background during exam week, and it’s okay to study less when you have an important shoot going on. But in the long term, your focus should be equally balanced between the two goals. You’ll achieve that by making a detailed plan and turning it into daily goals.

This means that you’ll have less time in your life for hobbies, movies, and parties. But you can still fit those activities in your plan if you’re organized enough!

BIO: Cory Shilling loves to-do lists! The ultimate goals in life can be achieved with proper planning and ongoing organization. Cory shares tips and tricks on how to make your life more productive.

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