Top 10 Things You Need To Do To Improve Your PowerPoint Presentation Now

icon Nov 24, 2019

If you want to deliver a powerful PowerPoint presentation that completely resonates with your audience, you need to learn how to enhance images and how to change photo size. But don’t fret because ImageUpscaler is here to do your job!

Microsoft PowerPoint is a dynamic tool for delivering interactive presentations. It not only allows you to create a prolific presentation but also helps reduce speaking anxiety as it diverts the attention of the audience from the speaker to the slide.

But it does not give you the excuse to completely forego important skills such as knowing how to change photo size for an awesome presentation.

Here I will be presenting 10 top tips you need to follow in order to create a spectacular presentation!

Keep It Simple

keep it simple

Don’t clutter your slides unnecessarily with information overload or too many graphics as it can distract your audience and create disarray. For the perfect graphics, you need to know how to enhance photos.

The slides are not the ‘star of the show’. You are the showstopper whom people have come to listen to and be moved by. Feel free to leave white space or negative space and don’t get compelled to fill them in needlessly.

Limit Bullet Points and Text

Bullet point after bullet point becomes boring therefore loses appeal to the audience. Just having no text is a wonderful idea with a line or two which broadly defines your topic. You as the narrator need to speak about your topic confidently to induce confidence in your audience or potential customers.

The text box is there to support you to deliver the presentation without a hassle. You can at the end of your presentation give away handouts that contain all the details about your presentation. If you are struggling to create some original text, you can always get some online help here.

Limit Transitions and Builds

You don’t need to animate every slide or bullet point. Use animations judiciously. You must have watched a news bulletin that uses very professional-looking animations like ‘swipe left-to-right. Use simple animations and don’t animate every slide.

Use High-Quality Graphics


You can either use images taken from your digital camera or purchase professional stock photography. However, be cautious of stretching low-resolution photos to fit your frame. Be sure to learn how to change photo size using ImageUpscaler which will not only enhance your images but also convert them into high-resolution. (I will be discussing how to use ImageUpscaler towards the end of the blog).

Use imagery that connects with your audience on a personal level, people usually connect more emotionally with images containing people. Be wary of using clipart cartoons because it is very likely your audience would have seen it a million other times.

Have A Visual Theme, But Avoid Using PowerPoint Template

Your audience would have seen a custom PowerPoint template loads of times before. Use a new and unique visual theme throughout your presentation to engage your audience. You need to design your own background templates which will be more suitable for your needs.

Nobody is interested in watching pre-packaged presentations being displayed over and over again. Nevertheless, you will need to master how to enhance a photo background for some cool effects!

Use Appropriate Charts

 use appropriate charts

Visually present your data to avoid cluttering your slides with data that is difficult to understand and misrepresented. But grasping how to change photo size for your charts is vital for a customized effect. Some of the ways for presenting your data visually are:

  • Pie charts: shows percentage distribution
  • Vertical Bar charts: Used to show changes in quantity over time
  • Line charts: used to display changing trends

Use Color Well

The right color can motivate, energize and emotionally touch your audience. Recent studies indicate that distinctive color usage can promote learning comprehension and retention. Cool colors (such as blue and green) work best when applied to the background and objects in warm colors (such as orange and red) appear to have a more pronounced effect.

Choose Your Fonts Well

 choose your fonts well

Choosing a font is a tough task because we tend to get confused as to using curvy handwriting or a simple one. Too simple can render it boring and too decorative can make it unprofessional.

A simple way to navigate through the mire of different handwriting is to use a sans serif font which is neither too boring nor serious because fonts have a subtle language of their own.

Use Video or Audio

Using video clips not only helps you to engage your audience better but also helps them actively process all the details amidst a burst of entertainment. Be careful, however, to avoid using cheesy sound effects like applause when transitioning each slide.

Spend Time in the Slide Sorter

 spend time in the slide sorter

People process information when given in short, meaningful chunks. By presenting through slide sorter view instead of slide view, you can display your presentation in a logical way.

To manage all of these techniques expertly, click on ImageUpscaler for learning how to enhance photos and much more!

Why Use ImageUpscaler?

ImageUpscaler is a high-resolution photo editor. This user-friendly website is an expert image resizing platform that enables you to get your pictures right in one go. Here are some of the benefits of using this website:

  • It’s completely free of cost
  • User-friendly
  • Versatile: it can be accessed through any device or software (android or iOS)
  • You can enlarge images in various types of formats ( JPG, JPEG, PNG)
  • Helps achieve clarity with a greater resolution and higher pixilation
  • Uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to understand how a real setting or landscape should look like to brighten or highlight certain features

How To Use ImageUpscaler To Learn How To Change Photo Size?

Here is a step-by-step guide to using ImageUpscaler for a high-quality image:

Click On Upscale On the Website

 click on upscale on the website

Then Choose The File Type

 then choose the file type

Then Select The Desired Picture You Would Like To Resize And Click On ‘Upscale Image’

then select the desired picture you would like to resize and click on ‘Upscale Image’

After a wait of mere 30-60 seconds, you will be able to download and sport your brand new, high-quality images for websites and social media platforms!

Before And After Comparison That Proves ImageUpscaler Resolve for Providing High-Quality Graphic Material


before comparison that proves ImageUpscaler resolve for providing high-quality graphic material


after comparison that proves ImageUpscaler resolve for providing high-quality graphic material

Now that you know how ImageUpscaler works, there are no limits to improving your PowerPoint presentations to a whole new level!

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