How to Find Perfect Light for Your Photo

icon Feb 22, 2021
find perfect light for your photo

Do you love taking photos? It is indisputable that light impacts your photos in a very big way. Should you know how to play with different photography lighting you can be a master photographer even if you simply use your smartphone to take photos. While there are expensive lights to boost your photos, sometimes taking your photos outdoors in natural light can give you a similar effect studio lights would give you.

Here are some tips on how to find the perfect light for your photo:

Play Around with Your Camera’s Manual Settings

Professional cameras are designed to allow you to manipulate settings to your advantage. Ensure you prepare your tripod so that it is easy for you to adjust your camera settings. A stack of books can work for you if you do not have a tripod. Your stack of books would give you stability and can reduce the small movements which can interfere with your perfect photos. It is vital that you take your shots when the camera is in manual mode for the ease of manipulating all settings. If you are taking your photos indoors, photographers at visual flow advise that you use visual flow presets.

These presets can help you have a consistent lighting style and look despite your background. There are different lightroom presets some of which are free to download and others are charged. You can also adjust your camera settings to have a high f-stop aperture. This can help you increase your focus. Adjust the shoots accordingly and ensure you focus on the whole object but do not lose too much light. The ISO settings are also critical for you as they influence your camera’s reaction to light. Have a medium ISO that is not too low insensitivity and not over-sensitive to light too. The ideal white balance will also give you the perfect color of your object in relation to the background lighting. Adjust your shutter speed appropriately as it can influence your camera’s adjustment to light.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

Different objects on target require different lighting conditions. Figure out the ideal light for your photo. If you are taking your photos indoors, you can use the window as your natural source of light. The light from the window only comes in a single direction and thus it can give you a perfect 3D effect which in turn adds an aesthetic value to your photo and makes it appear more real.

Remember that when shooting near a window it can be perfect if you do it when the day is bright. Ensure the weather is balanced; not too sunny and not too overcast. With this natural light, you can have different shadows and highlights for your photos. You can also regulate the shadows created by natural light to add some life to your photos. Know when to take photos as front-lits, backlit and side-lit to ensure you have a target focus on the object. These angles are influenced by the direction of the natural light and maximizing their use can give you perfect light for your photo.

Set Up a Good Background

It can help if you choose a beautiful background for your photoshoot. Identify some open space and use your desired backdrop. You can enjoy using your backdrop both in natural light and in artificial light setups. It is essential that you use a white backdrop if you are using natural light as it can easily reflect the light to the object giving you an evenly lit shot. A white backdrop also makes it easy for you to edit your photos as with it you can easily change the photo backgrounds. You can choose to shoot your photos against a white background. Ensure you have enough space for a reflector. You can also bend a white paper to make it curvy. This can make your background seamless and can enable light to bounce onto the target item.


Try Different Shooting Angles

Use different camera angles to capture different perspectives of the item. This way you can have a 360-degree view of the item. You can also take an all-around camera view to make your photos more engaging and to increase your photo’s visual appearance. It is also a source of creativity and characterization of your photo. Be sure you have an eye-level view of the item anytime you are taking shots.

Good photos speak for themselves. If you are taking photos of yourself or your products, take shots at different angles. Your camera settings can also make a whole difference whether you are using natural or artificial sources of light. Ensure you have a beautiful background to make your photos more attractive.

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