How to launch a successful blog: Photo requirements

icon Nov 23, 2019
how to launch a successful blog, photo requirements

Have you ever counted how much time you spend surfing the Internet? It is likely to the casino: just unlock your device, and you might keep glued to it forever. Sounds familiar? Modern influencers, writers, bloggers, and journalists spend days creating interesting content for the readers. “To be or not to be” – is not a question anymore, whom do you follow – this is a real question.

In fact, blogs have been considered more than just feeds of articles. The creative and engaging blog is a tool that helps a user become an influencer or even a businessman and start making money. A lot of writers grow their reader’s appetites growing their business at the same time.

How does it work? Well, blogging is a self-contained job, even if it consists of attractive photos at first sight. It should have an entire concept, unique and appealing style, eye-catching images, and engaging texts. It is the basic stack of important features a successful blog should possess. If everything from this short but brilliant list is performed in an appropriate way, you will definitely have your own audacity, which will be with you through thick and thin.

However, interesting photos rock the blog. You might have an ultra-useful article or post, but if the main picture doesn’t keep the readers’ attention – you lose. The user would simply scroll down the feed. Along with that, even an exciting photoshoot should be passed through the best software to resize images that brings an appropriate size to the image and save its quality.

Why You Should Choose the Best Software for Resizing Images

Nobody could guarantee that these tips will make the blog successful since promoting and other procedures also matter. However, a successful blog with organic audacity and solid capitalization definitely couldn’t exist without the following recommendations.

People Don’t Want to Think

Imagine that you’ve already launched the blog. You have a monthly supply of useful blog posts, where you are sharing your experience.  And then imagine a tired after busy workday user, who is reading your blog to distract himself and have fun. This user doesn’t want to enable his brain capabilities. He just wants to relax seeing something exciting. For instance, photos.

It’s the photo at the beginning of the website blog, in the middle of the article for a better explanation, and a bunch of photos as a self-contained blog post on Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

Attractive Photos Make Reader Want to “Like” it

The most eye-catching photos are those which show parts of the object with its surrounding. People find it interesting guessing what the entire object looks like. Such photos are not obvious and look unusual. Having taken the best photo, the next step is using the best software for resizing images.

Let me introduce Image Upscaler which can help you make the blog pictures extremely inviting. You can cut your image with the help of any software and then enlarge it using Image Upscaler. This amazing tool has all the features to be among the best software for resizing photos. It makes the picture enlarging process easy, so you can get a lightweight photo with stunning quality. 

Lightweight Photos Matter

This is quite relevant when talking about the website blog. Nobody wants the blog to load forever – nor the website owners, nor the users. But pictures make the website bulkier, so it slows down its page loading speed. Consequently, blog owners have to think about ways how to optimize images on the website.

If you intend to make the picture lightweight be ready that most of the image resizing services reduce image weight spoiling its quality simultaneously. But Image Upscaler resizes the photo making its weight lower still remaining the same quality. Besides, it can make the image sharper and more attractive.

Get Rid Off the Artifacts to Make Photos More Appealing

You already know that the sense of photo runs its value. Along with that, the sense should be wrapped into the conceptual pic of high quality. So, in addition to the lightweight, the most suitable image for a blog should be also clean.

What is Image Artifacts

Frequently, website owners take the images for their blogs from the Internet. Have you ever noticed the small pixels on such photos? It looks like grit. One calls them artifacts. These image artifacts usually appear after compressing. Image Upscaler may help you get rid of those unnecessary and distracting pixels.

How to Clean a Photo

The service works directly from the browser. Just upload your appeal as wet takes an image and click the acid green button. Magic happens within 10-60 seconds. Then you are free to download the enhanced picture.

Left part resized with bilinear interpolation right part with our algorithm
Left part resized with bilinear interpolation right part with our algorithm

Feel the difference? The image is clean and looks appealing. The same could be advised in regard to blurred photos. Image Upscaler might be placed among not only the best photo enlarging software but also among perfect photo deblurring tools. 

Make the Image Sharper

You probably noticed that the most iconic photos of all time are dynamic and were done while moving. Beatles’ walking, Marilyn Monroe’s dress, and many other spectacular photoshoots might look blurred if they weren’t made using the camera of high quality.

How to Deblur Image

If your amazing picture wasn’t taken with the help of a great camera, you might need some reliable tool for photo deblurring. Image Upscaler can help you make images sharp online. All you need is to upload a picture to the service. Within a few seconds trained on a billion photos algorithm aligns the structure of a shot. Thanks to this function the blurred parts become much sharper, and the entire photo look becomes clear as a diamond.

The clear look makes the image professional and gives the reader a feeling that someone has worked a lot to create such wonderful content.

Use Spectacular Filters

Last but not least, it’s hard to work with low-quality photos, especially when it comes to filters. For experienced blog owners, it’s not just a hollow talk. Filters used for photo editing bring the blog feature and author style. Images of high quality are perfect for the most popular photo filters. That’s why it’s essential to know how to sharpen images online.

Try one of the best software to resize images – Image Upscaler, get deblurred and clean from artifacts for free. Click here and enjoy it!

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