A Picture Speaks Louder than Words—Here’s Why Your LinkedIn Profile Picture Needs to Be Perfect!

icon Nov 26, 2019

If you are wondering about how to make a photo high quality, then head over to ImageUpscaler and let it work its magic!

All that glitters is not gold. But as humans, we are programmed to pay attention to the first bright and beautiful thing that captures our interest. During face-to-face interaction, an employer or a prospective business partner can easily judge your expressions and personality.

However, social media platforms are different. This is why you need to put your best foot forth with social media pictures. In fact, if you’ve ever wondered “how to get high-resolution photos” for your LinkedIn profile, then this is just the guide you need!

Why Is Your LinkedIn Profile Picture Important?

LinkedIn Profile Picture on a Phone

LinkedIn has crossed 500 million subscribers. This platform is steadily on its way to the whooping target of 3 billion users. Of these half a billion users, 40 million are in decision-making positions.

Moreover, according to recent statistics, profiles with pictures are 21 times likely to get viewed and 36 times likely to get messaged so it’s extremely important to make a great first impression with your LinkedIn Profile.

An important point to note here is that to get a high-quality image for a website or profile on LinkedIn, you need to resize the image to meet the upload-standard size!

Before we dive into how to resize your picture using a high-resolution photo editor, you need to understand why having the best LinkedIn profile picture is important.

To Grab Attention

attention grabber

Captivate the interest of the potential client or employer through your LinkedIn profile picture. Show them that you are determined and focused—that not only do you mean business, but you are also a warm and trustworthy person.

Every picture tells a story. And yours will be the gateway for the world to know about your journey as a professional who is ready to revolutionize the world. As potential customers or employers click on your page (which they are 21 times more likely to) when you have a captivating profile picture, they will instantly get to know you or your brand philosophy.

Thereby increasing valuable customers, but also widening your social network in the business community.

High Resolution Images Definition—What Makes For A Great LinkedIn Profile Picture?

photo tips

You don’t have to invest heavily in a professional photographer to achieve that perfect standardized picture. Just take a look at some of the top 4 LinkedIn pictures tips to seal the deal!

  1. Avoid overly printed or patterned clothes
  2. Wear minimal makeup and jewelry
  3. Dress to impress: wear clothes befitting your occupation and position
  4. Wear attire that complements your skin and hair tone and which also enhances your physique

How to Take a Photo for Linkendin

Besides personal appearances, let’s take a look at the top 6 photography tips to shoot like a pro:

  1. While shooting, employ a solid and brightly colored background- grey and yellow are recommended to accentuate your character
  2. Shirk the white background to avoid a cold and drab portrait or put image on white background
  3. Refrain from fluorescent lighting, direct sunlight during photography
  4. Photograph from midsection upwards instead of head only or full size portraits.
  5. Position yourself at ¾ angle to the camera, with one foot slightly ahead of the other and hands loosely clasped in the front
  6. Lean towards the left or right instead of dead center for a more relaxed and engaged looking portrait

Recruitment based on your LinkedIn profile picture

linkedin profile picture

A recruiter or anyone else browsing through the search results is likely to see approximately 10 profiles per page. Depending upon your profile picture and the brief caption underneath, the recruiter or client might get drawn towards it or move on without even a cursory glance.

In addition, photo editing for high-resolution images for your picture is also important here—it’ll convey your serious and professional attitude to the employer!

Capture the interest of a prospective recruiter or client with a friendly and professional photograph. Most people judge and predict the quality and competence of an individual based on the visuals. So a sizzling snapshot is essential to fire your way through the corporate world!

Now that you have managed to click the perfect picture, you need to adjust it according to the standard LinkedIn size (400px x 400px).

Don’t get all frazzled up for that perfectly sized photo because you can easily go from low quality to high-quality image for your LinkedIn profile using ImageUpscaler!

Why Use ImageUpscaler?

ImageUpscaler is a high-resolution photo editor. This user-friendly website is an expert image resizing platform that enables you to get your pictures right in one go. Here are some of the benefits of using this website:

  • Its completely free of cost
  • User-friendly
  • Versatile: it can be accessed through any device or software (android or iOS)
  • You can enlarge images in various types of formats ( JPG, JPEG, PNG)
  • Helps achieve clarity with a greater resolution and higher pixilation
  • Uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to understand how a real setting or landscape should look like to brighten or highlight certain features
  • Does not need to be installed unlike GIMP or Photoshop thereby preserving your device’s RAM
  • You don’t need to install any special software to operate ImageUpscaler because it can be accessed from any browser

How To Use ImageUpscaler To Make A Picture Higher Quality?

Here is a step-by-step guide to using ImageUpscaler for a high-quality image:

Click On Upscale On the Website

enlarge image online on Upscaler

Then Choose The File Type

how to select the image on ImageUpscaler

Then Select The Desired Picture You Would Like To Resize And Click On ‘Upscale Image’

resize image on ImageUpscaler

After a wait of mere 30-60 seconds, you will be able to download and sport your brand new, high-quality images for websites and social media platforms!

What Makes ImageUpscaler The Best?

Do you doubt ImageUpscaler? Well, take a look at the before vs. after the quality of the pictures below!


logo before


logo after

Your brand is a reflection of you. You need to make a bold statement with your image to attract customers or recruiters to create a bright and super-successful career. Who knows you might be the next millennial on the Fortune 500? And that too, just by adding a few seemingly insignificant touches on your profile image, which are powerful strokes of genius to spearhead your career in the right direction.

Don’t wait for opportunities to come to you. Visit Image Upscaler and immediately convert low quality to high-quality images for an amazing LinkedIn profile and score your dream job right away!


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