How to Make Sure Your Wedding Day Is Exactly How You Wanted

icon Mar 23, 2021

Getting married is meant to be a wonderful and joyous life experience. It should be a day of bliss and happiness shared with the people you love. It should not be a day that you spend constantly stressing about what can and inevitably will not go according to plan. The very best advice is to just enjoy your day and take it as it comes, but that is far easier said than done.

The simplest advice is often the easiest to overlook, especially when there are nerves involved. Keep reading for some sure-fire advice on how to ensure your wedding day is as magical as it could be from the beginning of your planning all the way until your honeymoon.

Set Your Budget

Before you worry about venues, music, or flowers, outline what you are comfortable spending. Little else causes as much stress on your wedding day as being financially overburdened for this event. It is not the most fun, but it is most important that this be done first.

Create Your Vision

Like most couples to be married you have an idea of what you want your wedding to look and feel like. Now that you have your budget, keep it in mind and spend some time thinking about a theme and overall feel for your wedding. Will it be inside or outside? What season do you want it in? What time of day? Midday, or evening? These are all important considerations. Remember to be flexible. You have a vision, but your budget needs to guide what is actually achievable.

Make The Guest List

The cost differs dramatically for an intimate 30-person wedding and a lavish 250-person wedding. Decide on how many people you want at your wedding. This will ultimately influence your decision regarding the venue as well as any other vendors. In the last year, elopements have become an increasingly popular idea. If you are struggling to make a guest list, consider close friends and family.

Find A Venue

This is where you may really need to exercise that flexibility. Your venue may not have availability in your chosen season, or on your date. If you find the venue, play around with dates and seasons probably won’t matter, but to air on the safe side of caution, you should book your wedding quite well in advance, especially if it is a popular location.

Book The Vendors and Photographer

Depending on what your venue offers, you may need a caterer, a florist, a baker, and a DJ for a start. Online reviews are your best friend. Get referrals from other people you know who have recently been married. The professionals point out that for photographers, go look on Instagram, or on their websites for their portfolios. If you have found the perfect photographer and would like the perfect photos, request a meeting with him or her to find out more. Work with your vendors, and give advance notice so that everyone gets on the same page for your wedding day.

Set Your Wedding Party

Decide who you would like as your bridesmaids, maid of honor, groomsman, and best man. Then ask the members of the wedding party to mark your date in their calendar so they are ready to take on that special role.

Dress and Suit Shopping

Keep your venue and season in mind as you decide on a suit and dress, but if you find the One, there are accessories that you can use to warm yourself up. Alternatively, a wardrobe change after the ceremony into a more comfortable “reception” outfit is also an option. This way you have the perfect outfit and something you can comfortably dance in. Remember having your wedding outfit tailored can take some time, a dress can even take months, so bear this in mind. Choose your shoes for comfort NOT just the style! You can buy it in Dimepiece LA

Get Your Marriage License

This one is rather straightforward. You need to read up about the laws surrounding getting a marriage license and decide whether you are going to sign it on the day of your wedding, or at the courthouse another day.

It is important that you let go. Let everyone do their job and focus on staying calm. It can be really tempting to constantly check in with everyone to make sure they are doing what they need to and that everything is running on schedule. A lot of people are going to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do on your wedding day, even tell you what you should have. If you want to do it, then do it. If you don’t want to do it, then don’t. Stay true to who you and your fiancé are and shape the wedding around the two of you. It is not about what others have done before.

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