3 Reasons Why You Need A Killer Logo for Your Business

icon Dec 02, 2019

Are you starting up your own business? Then here’s what you need to know—yes, a logo is essential!

A lot of emerging entrepreneurs underestimate the power of a solid, kickass logo for their business. You might think of leaving it out. But a logo is extremely important for your business branding!

Of course, for branding on social media or your own website, you’ll need to resize a logo for it to be visually clear to the audience. However, before we move on to that, we’ll discuss various reasons why you must invest in a killer logo for your business! 

It Grabs Attention Instantly

example of logo

As a fresher (or even a well-established business setup), your goal should be to increase awareness of your business through effective marketing and branding. And the best way to boost the branding of your business is by creating a catchy logo that people can associate with your company.

In the example above, the blooming tree represents positivity, encouragement, and attraction. Through this logo, the company– which doesn’t really have a name–is not only delivering its message of being able to provide its consumers everything on their list but also associating itself in their minds with the logo.

In this way, you don’t have to constantly explain who you are or what you do—your potential customers will recognize you by your goal logo!

It Is Embedded Into Memory 

logo of apple

You can just look at this picture and think about all the beautiful gadgets and devices introduced by this company so far, can’t you? Well, that’s the power of a strong logo!

Wherever you go, a bitten apple is symbolic of Steve Jobs’ Apple. This particular logo has become the point of recognition for many of us—whether we’re iOS users or not. As a result, without saying much, the company is successful in its branding simply because of instant brand identification through the logo.

One of the main reasons why this happens is because the logo is visual, carries colors and shapes, and offers an aesthetic pleasure, which triggers the viewers’ memory. And so, they end up remembering your business even if they forget the name!

It Enables Visual Story-Telling

logo of dove

We all know that Dove is a lifestyle brand that caters to the self-maintenance and hygiene industry in a luxurious manner. But the company’s motto is to leave behind the customers with a baby-like, well-tended-to skin or hair. The question is—how do we know this?

It’s pretty simple. Apart from using a small but catchy brand name, they have also created an attractive logo that represents their motto—the logo of a dove itself. This bird used in the logo represents sensitivity, fragility, purity, and love, which is what the company promises to provide through its products.

Without saying much and simply using the right infographics, the company has converted its reads into leads. And the credit goes to the smart use of the logo, which fosters visual story-telling for the brand!

How To Use Your Logo For Branding And Promotion?

Now that the logo for your business is ready, it is time to use it for branding and promotion! Some of the easiest ways of doing this include: 

  • Posting it on your company’s official website
  • Using it as the profile picture on all your social media channels
  • Using the logo as a background for sponsored advertisements online
  • Printing the logo on offline methods of promotion such as brochures, flyers, newspaper, magazines and etc.

The great thing about a logo is that it can be incorporated anywhere and anytime to serve the purpose of branding for your business. However, if your logo isn’t sized properly, things can get a little complicated for you. 

Logo and Sizes—What Is This All About?

While logos are a great way of advertisement and promotion, they can give you a hard time if they’re not sized right. Every social media platform as well as website has its own standardized image size criteria. For you to be able to upload your logo, you must fulfill that criterion.

Otherwise, your logo won’t be accepted by the particular platform and you’ll need to have it remade from scratch. This happens because all these channels promote:

  • Authentic visual content
  • Community building
  • Visual clarity 

So if you want to use your business’ logo for branding and promotion on social media platforms. You’ll need to resize a logo in a way that fits the benchmark.

If you have already designed or paid someone to create the logo for your website, and it gets rejected by the channel because it’s too heavy or too small, you’re likely to freak out! But you don’t have to—not when you have ImageUpscaler!

ImageUpscaler—Free Tool to Resize A Logo With

If you’re struggling to strike perfection, all you have to do is to resize a logo for your brand. You don’t have to waste your time recreating a new one or paying someone to redesign it when you simply have to head over to ImageUpscaler and resize it!

Step By Step Guide On How to Resize a Logo on ImageUpscaler

Not sure how you can resize a logo with ImageUpscaler? Then take a look below!

  • Click on “Upscale” on the website
  • Then click on “Choose File” 
  • Select the image you want to resize and then clickUpscale Image

Once the image has been processed and you can see a before vs. after on the website. Press “Download” and you’ll have successfully resized a logo for your brand!

Why waste your blood, sweat, and money on recreating one when you can simply resize a logo for your business’ brand page? 

If you want to resize a logo through ImageUpscaler for free. Simply click here to visit the website and get started now!

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