Does the brain improve the quality of photos?

icon Nov 17, 2019

Our eyes allow us to see the world. But are they the only do this job? Obviously, it is not quite so. Vision almost fully depends on your brain. Our eyes only detect light patterns and the brain turns them into images. But before we get the picture, a complicated process takes place. On the back of our eye, there is the retina, which consists of hundreds of cells, which sense the light and turn it into electrical signals, which make the way through the optic nerve which is like a cable connecting the retina to the brain. Retina sees the world upside down.

That is the brain that turns what you see right side up. Each eye gets a slightly different picture. The brain combines these views, overlaps one onto another, and creates the whole picture. The brain also adds some details to our vision: shape, color, movement, and it uses our background knowledge, for example, you know how a table looks and you will not confuse it with the chair as your parents taught you to distinguish objects. Moreover, it was discovered that the human brain can identify an image within 13 milliseconds it is quicker than any computer. Our eyes are searching for particular information, they move every 3 seconds from side to side, as a result, we can identify images so fast.

does brain improve quality of image

Where This Process Happens

Let us look closer at the anatomy of our brain and where this process happens. The cerebrum is a large part of our brain. Its main function is integration. There are all these neurons, billions of synapses, and connections. They make sense of the information that comes in. In the cerebral cortex, there are frontal, parietal, temporal, and occipital lobes. We are interested in the occipital lobe as it is responsible for vision. It gets information from the retina, where putting into code various details and facts about shape, color, and action takes place. Any injury of the occipital lobe can cause defects in vision, hallucinations, color blindness.

Can we compare human brain with photo camera?

The answer is yes and no at the same time. Probably we all know the feeling when you are at a magnificent spot or it is a starry night and you want to take a picture. So you are full of excitement grab your camera and take a shot then look at it and wonder why your eyes can’t take photos? But actually, our eyes do not see anything special, they sense electrical impulses. That is our brain that creates beauty around us. Kind of similar thing happens to photos. They also can be improved. This is a common practice that filters and editing are used to improve the quality of photos.

neural network

Increase the quality of images online

Image Upscaler is extremely useful when you need to increase photo resolution online. Why does this service stand out? It is easy – a neural network. It is functioning in the following way it takes some sort of input and turns into some sort of output. The neural network went through a training phase, during which a bunch of pictures was shown in order to teach it what different objects look like, the same with people actually when we are kids. This method helped to enhance images, but they looked computer-generated, which is not good. That’s why GAN is used in Image Upscaler, as it helps to make pictures more realistic and natural, without smooth effect. Moreover, the human brain recognizes more details in objects which are close to us, Image Upscaler takes it into consideration and gives vivid and close to real-life pictures as a result.

When do we need to improve the quality of a photo online?

  • Daily routine which is social media for many of us definitely requires it. I think we all have some photos, which were made by your old phone. These pictures are still important to you and nice, you want to add them in your profile but these pixels spoil all the atmosphere of that shot. Now it is not a big deal, you can fix it. Improve the quality of a photo with Image Upscaler. Thanks to neural networks your photos will always be natural in such a way that you will be immersed in that time when the photo was done.
  • Policemen use method of upscaling to identify the personality of a criminal from the security cameras, at least in TV shows they improve the quality of a photo in this way.
  • During studying lots of investigations and presentations should be done by students. In such situations lots of images are used and sometimes their quality is rather poor. That’s where Image Upscaler deals with blurry effect quickly which is important for students who are always short of time.
  • There is hope that in the nearest future scientists will be able to use this service for their purposes.
  • If you work with websites you also need this service


The myth that we use only 10 % of the brain was extremely popular some years ago. I have no need to be a myth-buster to claim that it is not true. Our brain works as hard as it can. Otherwise not working parts would be reduced. It takes pains to see the world the way we used to. And our brain plays a major role in it. It is mind-blowing that every person sees the world in their own way. Because our eyes are unique and they sense the light differently, according to our basic knowledge and the way we think, and perceive the image all that depends on the brain, which improves the quality of pictures individually for every person. Likewise, Image Upscaler works perfectly excellent for everyone.

It is a great service because it works with the help of neural networks and GAN which bear a lot of resemblances to the human brain. That’s the reason why increasing the quality of photos with Image Upscaler gives wonderful results. It may be used in numerous spheres: everyday life, studying, work, and science.

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