How To Become An Online Influencer?

icon Dec 04, 2019

Besides having an impressive following as an online influencer, you also need a prolific profile picture to go with it so don’t wait to improve the resolution of a photo because ImageUpscaler is here to transform your picture!

how to become an online influencer

In this age of rapid and booming social networking, every next person refers to himself as a life-altering influencer and motivational speaker. But not everyone has what it takes to change the world or influence it to change its course. 

Online influencers are not people who are reading motivational articles but rather people who are writing them. They have a huge audience that loyally follows them and turns them into the stars they are.

Brian D. Evans, Inc. 500 entrepreneur and founder/CEO of the digital publication Influencer has millions of followers and readers across his many social media platforms. While sharing his ideas with Forbes magazine, he says, “My theory is that without us (the influencers, content creators, etc.), social media would essentially be dead.”

He continued, “Most people are curators. Curators share popular articles, retweet the viral videos, take what they find helpful or entertaining and give that to their audience. But they aren’t the ones actually creating things of true value.” 

Something important that the curators are skilled in doing is knowing how to enhance a photo resolution and how to improve a photo quality to garner an audience that not only promotes them but also makes them a pseudo-authority on crucial matters in the general public. 

Who Is Actually An Online Influencer?

but who is actually an online influencer

According to Pixlee, “A Social Media Influencer is a user on social media who has established credibility in a specific industry. A social media influencer has access to a large audience and can persuade others by virtue of their authenticity and reach.”

Little By Little Does The Trick

find your niche

Pick a niche for yourself, start with your friends, family, and office colleagues. Pick a topic and try enhancing it with SEOs (Search engine optimization). Simultaneously it is Important to develop skills learning content marketing, conversion rate optimization, influencer marketing, social media marketing. 

Moreover, it is crucial to refine your social media account with that picture-perfect smile. Learn how to improve a photo quality for more fan following and within no time you will have a fan-following to match that of the Kardashians!

Now that you have a niche, work on improving your content and structuring it based on your target audience or client.  As per Content Marketing Institute, there is no set rule or template to govern your strategy but rather it provides a set of guidelines to kick start your journey as an online influencer. 

Based on your audience, voice, and tone, you can create an outline for your plans for content that you would like to show the world and the necessary tools needed to carry them out.

Channel All Your Content Into The Right Social Media Channels For Extra Mileage!

channel all your content into the right social media channels for extra mileage

Facebook is the most popular by far with a 61% market share in 2016. Other popular social media channels consist of Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapshot, Twitter, and more based on the country. 

For instance in China, Sino Weibo is widely used as there are many restrictions placed on Facebook and other social media platforms based in the West. All of these platforms highly recommend adding a profile picture for a deeper connection with the audience, so master the craft as to how to make an image of better quality.

Don’t play favorites despite having one. Present yourself along with your astonishing content on every social media platform. Every social media site has a unique set of functions that help you to achieve a certain goal. 

For example, LinkedIn is a great platform for sharing your professional expertise with the world and connecting with people with a similar professional background.

Neil Patel- Forbes Top 10 Marketer and NY Times Best Selling author. Has a virtual and engaging presence on every social media platform. Each platform has a specific audience according to which you will have to design your strategies and content. 

YouTube works with a video-oriented format. Snapchat and Instagram work with pictures and catchy captions but for these platforms. You need to improve the resolution of photos for an astounding effect on the masses.

Professionally Design It With Your Signature Style


You are the icon of your brand. Represent it with such strength and vigor that it seeps from you into your audience. It’s Important to give your social media and websites some enduring and endearing personality! 

You can do it yourself or hire someone to improve the resolution of the photo or simply learn. How to make an image of higher quality using ImageUpscaler.

Why Use ImageUpscaler?

  • It’s completely free of cost
  • User-friendly
  • Versatile: it can be accessed through any device or software (android or iOS) 
  • You can enlarge images in various types of formats ( JPG, JPEG, PNG) which is useful for accessing it for any social media site.
  • Helps achieve clarity with a greater resolution and higher pixilation
  • Uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to understand how a real setting or landscape should look like to brighten or highlight certain features

How To Improve Resolution Of Photo In Image Upscaler?

Here is a step-by-step guide to using ImageUpscaler for a high-quality image:

  1. Click On Upscale On The Website
how to improve resolution of photo in image upscaler
  1. Then Choose The File Type
how to improve resolution of photo in image upscaler
  1. Then Select The Desired Picture You Would Like To Resize And Click On ‘Upscale Image’
how to improve resolution of photo in image upscaler

After a wait of mere 30-60 seconds, you would be ready to download and sport your brand new, high-quality profile picture confidently.

For a wondrous effect, here is a before and after comparison to reflect ImageUpscaler’s testament to providing high-quality software to improve the resolution of photos.


photo before comparison


photo after comparison

Are you ready to become an internet influencer? Then start to improve the resolution of photos that you post online and watch your following increase!

How to improve the quality of photos, you ask? Simply head over to ImageUpscaler and convert low images from low to high quality here!

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