Tips For Snapping The Perfect Shot Using Your Phone

Every photographer struggles with two things—taking the perfect snapshot on their phone and zooming in on pictures without losing quality… are you struggling as well?

With social media hype buzzing throughout the world and Instagram taking most of the stars, it is more and more important to master the art of phone photography. 

Whether you’re a professional photographer wanting to learn more about micro/portable photography or too broke to afford a professional camera, you can actually take the perfect photo using your iPhone

Are you ready to snap the perfect shot with your iPhone while also being able to make photos bigger without losing quality? Then keep reading this guide!

Do you want to make an image bigger without losing quality? Here are some Tips for Taking the Perfect Photo with Your iPhone!

Find a Subject

Before snapping a photo, you need to pick a subject that you want to photograph. A lot of people prefer taking pictures of the nature while the others like human photography. 

In order to pick your subject, you need to self-reflect and make a list of all the things you like or find visually appealing.

Once you have determined your aesthetic values, you can start with what is closest and most accessible to you and then move forward.

Value the Background 

While angle, filter and lens matters, another thing that truly enables you to capture the perfect photo is the background. For instance, if you’re going for a pastel outfit, a bright colored background would really add a pop of fun to your picture.

On the other hand, if you’re planning on creating a theme such as the spring season, make sure to pick a suitable background such as a garden full of blossoms.

In a nutshell, you need to create the perfect background in order to click the perfect shot!

Get Your Lighting Right 

Another essential factor of perfecting the art of portrait photography is to make sure that you shoot in the right light! When you get the lighting right, not only do you get beautiful results, but you can also zoom in on pictures without losing quality. 

One of the best indoor lighting is the diffused window light, which creates a rich, directional hue over the subject. Some of the best times for this is the time of dawn and the soft bluish skies right after the noon.

When you’re outdoors, the best lighting to make use of is the golden hour. This is that time of the day when the sun is setting down and it turns into a deep, orange shade, casting a golden hue on the subject. 

Activate Portrait Mode

Since you’re snapping a picture using your iPhone, the best tool you can use is the portrait mode in your camera. This highlights the natural features of the person, gently brushes up the imperfections and blurs out the background.

In this way, a regular image from your iPhone’s camera looks as professional as a DSLR’s output!

Use the Features

One of the best things about photographing using your iPhone is that you can actually use all the incredible features in the phone. For instance, by using the Studio Light filter, you can actually hide the skin’s imperfections and enhance the natural lighting.

And if you want to improve your background, you can use the Depth feature to increase the richness and improve the blurriness of the background. Or you can use AI background remover to do the same automatically in case if you have no access to phone with depth.

What Are The Problems With Phone Photography?

One reason why most professionals avoid iPhone photography is because the image’s results aren’t as great as a professional cameras’. In some cases, the images need more sharpening, while in other, they just aren’t large or clear enough to be used.

But here’s the thing—not everyone can afford a professional camera. And if you’re a struggling portrait-photo artist, you’d like to start small with your phone and work your way to the top. This is why, when you’re mastering the art of phone photography, you need befriend!

How to Make a Picture Larger Without Losing Quality? A Guide to Using ImageUpscaler!

There are a lot of reasons why ImageUpscaler should be your main, go-to tool while you try to improve your photography game with your iPhone. 

One of the primary reasons why you must use it when snapping photos with your phone is because when you enlarge your pictures through this tool, you can actually zoom into photo without losing quality!

  • It is completely free of cost
  • User-friendly
  • Versatile: it can be accessed through any device or software (android or iOS) 
  • You can enlarge images in various types of formats ( JPG, JPEG, PNG)
  • Helps achieve clarity with a greater resolution and higher pixilation

In addition, this platform uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to understand how a real setting or landscape should look like to brighten or highlight certain features. As a result, your pictures will come out twice as beautiful as you snapped originally!

How To Use ImageUpscaler?

Here is a step-by-step guide to use ImageUpscaler for a high quality image:

  • Click on upscale on the website
  • Then choose the file type
  • Then select the desired picture you would like to resize and click on ‘Upscale Image’

After a wait of mere 30-60 seconds, you would be ready to download and sport your brand new, high-quality, picture confidently.

Here’s A before and after Comparison:



The best part about using ImageUpscaler when you are using your iPhone to photograph pictures and subjects is the fact that you can easily make an image bigger without losing quality. 

As a result, you out of and into photo without losing quality, allowing you to use it on your social media channels, website and other places!

Not everyone can buy a DSLR camera. But if you have an amazing phone or an iPhone, you can spruce up the results by using ImageUpscaler—and that too, for free!

To start using ImageUpscaler to get better results, click here.

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