Real Estate Drone Photography

icon Jun 04, 2021

In order to attract potential buyers of real estate, it is important to provide maximum information about the property in video and photographic materials. Many frames of the same type in a room cannot convey the real perception. A much better effect can be achieved with drone photography in real estate using real estate drone photography services.

Studio video filming of real estate using specialized devices allows modern realtors to demonstrate the highest quality, remotely demonstrate houses and residential areas. Previously, the buyer of the residence had to look at photos of the house, vegetable garden, orchard, come to inspect the territory on their own, waste time, money, but today there are aerial drone photography services that allow a person to normally view the territory, assess the condition of the building’s components, for example, the quality of the roof, the need for repairs.

house drone photo

Where does the demand for drone real estate video arise?

There are many benefits to working with professionals. People who know this business competently approach the preparation of work, working through each component of the project, taking into account modern requirements, which allows you to create high-quality videos for interactive websites of real estate organizations, architectural communities, and enterprises. To hire a drone photographer is worth it for projects such as:

  • For construction companies and real estate agencies;
  • Cadastral structures, property owners and developers;
  • For owners of tourist facilities.

High-quality real estate aerial video allows you to provide the most professional video that will help reflect the parameters of the construction site, the scale of factories, residential buildings, and architectural structures. Leave the aerial survey to professional operators.

At the same time, specialists take into account all the requirements and wishes of the client. The finished scheme displays all buildings, structures, objects, ground structures, utilities, borders of crossings and roads, and relief.

Why is it convenient to use real estate drone photography?

After the construction is completed, you can show the object in all its glory, clearly demonstrating all the advantages of the location, the scenic beauty of the territory, and its size. So it is very convenient because:

  • It’s affordable. You do not have to think about where to land the helicopter, as well as where to find the money to rent it. In terms of cost, aerial photography is quite comparable to the services of ordinary photographers, and not even the most top ones.
  • It’s safe. Copters do not create large currents of air, they fly high enough not to damage building structures or people.
  • It’s versatile. With a sufficient size of ceilings, it is possible to remove indoors, which is especially important for workshops, factory buildings and hangars.

Thanks to the development of drones, aerial video for real estate has gained new opportunities, giving users the tool to shoot from new angles. This type of photography requires drones that provide high quality and safety.

The cost of aerial drone photography services is formed depending on the complexity and volume of work. But this service is irreplaceable if you want to attract as many customers as possible.

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