Resize an image in Photoshop

Have you ever asked a question « How to resize an image in Photoshop? »

If yes, the answer you will find in this article. But here is a little spoiler ― it is a piece of cake. All you need is a computer with installed Photoshop and this brief instruction. While using the Internet you must have faced a problem with size of your images. Especially with posting these photos to some websites. Maybe, I will solve not all your problems, but at least this one will be solved for good.

Let’s get it started!

1) Open Photoshop and load a picture you would like to resize. I have this lovely picture. If you want you may check the size of your photo on the left at the bottom.

2) Choose «Image menu» just the way it is done in the screenshot. Good job, you are doing great for now! Now you need scroll down and choose «Image size».

3) The following window is open. On the left you can see the preview of your picture. On the right there are all the controllers, which will help us to change the size of the image. As you may notice there is plenty of information. But don’t be scared you don’t need all of these tools.

4) Be sure that link icon is on. It will help you preserve proportions of your picture.

5) Resample is to be on.

6) Besides inches should be changed to pixels.

7) The perfect width of photos for websites is considered to be 900, so mind it. That’s why I change my width to 900. But you can resize the photo in Photoshop to the any size you need. Either you need it bigger or smaller.

8) Resolution remains to be unchanged. You may need it only in case of immediate printing.

9) And now all we have to do is click OK on the right on top. Just to confirm all the manipulations we’ve just done. Have a look the size of my picture is changed. I hope you got the desirable result as well as I did.

10) Finally we should save the picture. In the «File menu» we choose save as in order to keep the original image as well. Well done! You are amazing!

Everything is quite easy. The most known Adobe apps are Photoshop, Photoshop Lightroom, and Adobe Illustrator. But as you could notice in this very case you fully depend on your personal computer (PC). As practice has shown you don’t always have access to your computer at any time. Or your PC doesn’t have enough space in order to download Photoshop. Or speed of your computer while working in Photoshop leaves much to be desired. And sometimes you don’t actually need the whole package of tools in Photoshop. And keeping it just for image resizing seems to be unworthy. That’s why there is an alternative way to deal with the size of your images. Have you already guessed what I am driving at? That’s right I am going to tell you about great online helper in resizing images it is Image Upscaler.

How to resize an image in Image Upscaler

It works with the help of Artificial Intelligence. If you are scared of Rise of the Machines when you hear about AI just the way I am. I hurry to comfort you in this case there is nothing to worry about. (At least I hope so) Besides Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) also involved in it. Much time and efforts were spent to create something as helpful as Image Upscaler and it is reflected in the simplicity and its usability. All you should know is that when you upload an image, the service understands what it is. In other words it has ability to distinguish different objects. Besides it is capable to understand what is lacking during the resizing. Because GAN knows how the object should look like. And what’s more it full fills the missing parts. That creates nаtural look of resized photos. All these things allow scale images up with great quality. Not bad, right?

Who needs it?

I believe that if you live in the 21 century, you are destined to need this service.

  • For the comfortable usage of such social media as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat.
  • If you are a prosperous photographer. Or you want to become the one.
  • In case you want to save some money and print your pictures for documents by your own.
  • You have your own website.
  • You work as a designer of some websites.
  • You are a blogger.
  • A video-editor.
  • Are you fond of video games? Or create your own? In such a case you already know that upscaling is widely used in this sphere.

What are advantages?

  • Image Upscaler is a free service.
  • It makes effective resizing.
  • There is no need in its installation.
  • It is available for different devices (smart phones, laptops, etc.)
  • Using of Image Upscaler doesn’t require any special skills.
  • You can resize image online in 4 times, without loss of quality.
  • It takes you couple of seconds to resize an image.
  • There are no extra tools which can confuse.
  • works with png, jpg, jpeg

Honestly I can write all day long about its advantages. But I strongly believe that it will be better if YOU try it. And you will see with your own eyes how it works.

So now you know how to resize images in Photoshop. What is also important is that you found out about such substitute as Image Upscaler. I hope this information was helpful for your everyday routine and maybe even work. Apply this knowledge only to good use. As you are sure to be on top of the world only in case you’ve read till this moment. Finally if anybody will ever ask you «Do you know how to resize pictures in Photoshop? » You will answer ― Yes I do. It is easy peasy, lemon squeeze.

Good luck! Have a nice day!

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