4 Surefire Ways to Use Visual Marketing on Twitter

icon Dec 01, 2019

If you’ve ever wanted to become the social media marketing diva. Make sure you find out the easiest ways to resize images for Twitter!Anonymous 

Social media has revolutionized the way businesses, brands and retailers market themselves. With over 800 million individuals actively using such platforms. Businesses have the opportunity to present themselves at lower costs to a wider audience on the internet!

Of course, when you talk about social media, Facebook and Twitter come to mind instantly. We’ve already covered Facebook, so this time, we’ll be talking about the best ways of using visual marketing on Twitter for optimal results.

Focus On the Visual Attraction

Focus On the Visual Attraction

The secret to mastering the art of visual marketing on Twitter requires you to focus on visual attraction. Of course, there are other aspects such as the need to resize images for Twitter. But we’ll discuss that later in the blog.

First and foremost, make sure that each and every post is visually compelling enough to grab your audience’s attention. You only have a couple of seconds to really make an impact on your audience—make sure you make it worth their while!

example of logo

Since you’re online, your biggest goal for business growth is to spread your brand’s awareness through effective marketing. And the best way to achieve that is by incorporating your business’ name and logo in your resized images for Twitter.

So when you’re developing a visual content strategy for Twitter, always add your company’s name, logo, and even the motto, to make sure that more and more users identify your brand in a single glance.

The Power of Memes

reddit on phone

Whether you’re a successful business or a small-scale, self-made entrepreneur. Your goal is to be recognized by more and more users on the internet. The more popular your brand name is, the more people are going to try out your products and services.

Through this, we understand the importance of successful branding. The better your visual marketing is, the greater your lead conversion ratio will be. So why not attract the users with something that they actually enjoy? Well, then don’t be afraid to use memes for your own benefit!

The internet loves anyone with a great sense of humor—so long as it isn’t offensive. So make sure your visuals are funny and millennials will be fawning over you!

Use Visuals for Story-Telling 

story telling

The only way to really popularize your brand through visual marketing is by being interactive, positive, and employing the power of story-telling. Nothing touches people more deeply than authentic, real-life stories. So mix it up with inspiring words, real-time visuals and give your audience something to rejoice about!

How to Perfect Your Visual Marketing Strategy on Twitter? 

We have already discussed the different kinds of visuals you can use for your business branding on Twitter. Now, we’ll talk about what it takes for your visuals to strike that chord and really get to the audience. 

The thing with social media is—there are several requirements that you have to fulfill in order to get to that level where you can promote yourself. And if you don’t fulfill these standards. Then you simply won’t be able to access your audience, no matter how great your visual content is.

One of the biggest challenges of visual marketing on social media is being able to fit your infographics (images) on their given standard. This is why, a lot of marketers either have to discard their current image or have a designer create a new one from scratch, which is extremely expensive. 

But with ImageUpscaler, marketers no longer have to bear any inconvenience or extra costs—they can resize images for Twitter on their own. And the best part is, it’s completely free to use!

Benefits of Using ImageUpscaler

  • It is completely free, which makes it a highly budget-friendly tool to use
  • It is extremely use-friendly, which makes it a hassle-free tool to use in order to resize image for Twitter
  • If you want to resize image for Twitter. This platform offers instant results so you can use it any time, without any delays
  • It can be accessed through multiple devices such as computers, Windows, Android or iOS devices, which makes it the perfect tool for d 
  • It offers several other features as well, which makes it the perfect platform to rely on whenever you need to alter your images for marketing

Since there are so many benefits of using ImageUpscaler. You no longer need to use any other platform to resize images for Twitter!

How Does ImageUpscaler Help In Visual Marketing On Twitter?

We have already discussed the multiple ways of using visual content for marketing on Twitter. With that being said, you need to use ImageUpscaler for all those methods in order to achieve a higher success ratio on Twitter.

This is because when you use ImageUpscaler to resize images for Twitter it:

  • Ensures visual clarity
  • Guarantees greater chances of visibility
  • Provides you with high quality images
  • Saves you the time, energy and hassle of having to hire a designer to recreate your visual content from the scratch 

ImageUpscaler has tremendous results that you can see from the ‘Before & After’ of the image below:


resize image with deer for Twitter (before)


resize image with deer for Twitter  (after)

Without ruining the quality of the pictures, ImageUpscaler has resized the image to fit the standard provided by Twitter!

Twitter has set a standard for the image size it accepts. This is because too tiny of an image creates a problem of visibly to the audience while too big of an image takes up too much space. 

So if you want yours to fit the standard without any changes or impacts, head over to ImageUpscaler and get resized images for Twitter right now!

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