Seven Useful Lifehacks for New Photography Students

icon Dec 21, 2021

Photography is a part-time venture and a hobby for millions of people across the world. To others, it is a career. There are several things that every new photography student and who wants to become a photographer should know before picking up the camera and creating their photos. Great photography is a combination of two elements namely having the eye to take a good shot and knowing how you can achieve it. Attending photography school and getting an education is one of the best ways to develop and improve your photography skills. As you attend your photography classes, here are seven important college life hacks for students to apply today to start building their careers.

seven useful lifehacks for new photography students

How to Become a Photographer?

To become a photographer, you should always look for a better perspective when taking a shot. The majority of people spend their lives looking at their world from the eye level. Therefore, taking photos from this perspective won’t bring anything new to the table. You need to look for ways to mix things up by getting as high or as low as possible from the subject. Doing this will not only improve your shot but also help you get creative and spot opportunities where angle and elevation can make a huge impact on your photos.

Invest in quality gear and equipment

Any professional will tell you that photography can get quite expensive. It’s better to exercise patience and invest in high-quality equipment than purchasing something that will fall apart in a few months because it wasn’t meant to last. This especially applies to lenses, cameras, tripods, and light stands. Invest in the camera that you want instead of what you can afford. When you purchase a camera that you love, you are likely to use it. When it comes to lenses, a low-quality one won’t make the best image in a high-end camera. Quality tripods and light stands are also important. Buying cheap equipment is a recipe for disaster.

Learn to combine study and work as a photographer

You’ll never know everything about photography. You need to keep learning every day to improve the results that you are getting. Since you are in college, it’s likely that you’ll have limited time to take quality photos and look for opportunities to sell your products. To get as much time as possible to learn and practice your craft, you’ll need to seek Studyclerk help with my college paper as early as possible. The best college paper writing services will write papers for you to save time and help you get good grades.


Light is an important element in photography. Therefore, it’s important to understand and have the ability to work with it. There are a lot of students who have a hard time using a reflector such that they cannot see the light bouncing from the source of light to the subject. It’s important to practice with a reflector. You can use your reflector for different subjects such as flowers or people after finding someone to write a paper. In the studio, the best way to learn about light is by getting a continuous light and placing it in different positions around the subject. Continuous light will produce what you’ll get before clicking the shutter.

Try different photography genres

You shouldn’t stick to a single area of photography, especially as a beginner. The majority of successful photographers spend many years venturing out from street photography to travel. Trying out different genres will help you find the specialty that you enjoy.

Charge people

Unless you are collaborating with other artists on a specific project, you should always charge what you are worth when you are working. This will make your career rewarding and help you cover the cost of time and equipment. You should keep in mind that photography is a career. Do your best out there and charge your worth.

Look for opportunities to sell your work

Another important aspect of photography is sharing your work with the world. Be on the lookout for opportunities to sell your work through art fairs and exhibitions. By attending art fairs and exhibitions, you’ll meet lots of notable people in your field. You’ll get to interact with other professional photographers and learn from them. Apart from that, you might meet clients who’ll be interested in your work.


Photography is an amazing craft that will reward you depending on how much you put in. You’ll easily capture memories that will excite you and your loved ones. It’s a great outlet and a creative process for anyone interested in insight. There are a lot of books and professionals out there that will help you improve your craft and get the results that you want. To get ahead, you have to invest in quality and durable equipment. While it will cost you a fortune, the benefits will be worthwhile in the long run. These are the seven life hacks for anyone who wants to stay ahead in photography.

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