Top 3 Best Photo Enhancer Tools For Desktop

icon Oct 23, 2021

Undoubtedly, the best photo enhancer program can turn a simple image into a spectacular one. It makes sure that you can do everything from changing colors to enhancing the image look. There are lots of options available, but it is essential to select the right one.

While enhancing the images, you have to take care of two important things; intensity and color of the image. Both features will improve your image quality. However, it is very difficult to find applications that can provide these functions.

But you don’t need to worry anymore because, in this article, we will describe three different applications that can enhance images in no time.

Read carefully to find all the essential details.

photo that enhansed with imageupscaler

3 Best Desktop Photo Enhancer Tools

Your images don’t look good? Are you tired of using complicated methods to improve the image quality? You don’t have to worry anymore because we have found the best photo enhancer tools for you. Without wasting any time, let’s discuss them one by one.


Do you want to enhance the photo for free? Try Photoshop because it makes the image color more vivid. Plus, it is easy to use and doesn’t change the quality of your image. That means your image will be of high quality no matter what changes you do. However, you have to follow lots of steps to change the color of your image. There are many ways of enhancing the image, but we will be using the general one.

How to Enhance an Image Using Photoshop?

Launch Photoshop and open the image in it. After that, visit the top menu and look for the “Lab Color” option.

  • After adding lab color, add a curves adjustment layer to make the image look good. For that, you have to click the “Curves” option and select the black and white circle icon.
  • Now, choose the slider, and for that, you can either select 10 by 10 or the default option. We would recommend selecting 10 by 10 because, in this way, you can move the slider easily.
  • At the top, you will see different colors from where you can select various color channels. The default one will be set to lightness; however, you can select the “a” option which will change the green color to red.
  • You can now easily move the slider to change the color. In case you have selected the ” b” color channel, then it will change the blue color to yellow.

This is how you can easily adjust the colors of your image. This feature will definitely enhance your picture and improve it as well.


  • Easy to use application
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Has numerous features
  • Best for making professional videos


  • Premium package is expensive
  1. GIMP

GIMP provides numerous features that can improve the look of the image. Whether you want to improve composition or enhance the picture, you can easily find all these options in this program. It provides sophisticated features that can improve the color with just one click.

How to an Enhance Image in GIMP?

There are many ways that you can use to enhance the picture in GIMP; we will be discussing the best one in this section.

  • Before applying the changes, make sure to create the base copy of the image so you can easily revert it back. For that, you can go to Layers and select the image with a background copy.
  • Once the image is ready, click the Colors option from the top menu and click components and choose Decompose.
  • You will see the color model, select the “LAB” option from there and click the “OK” option.
  • Now, the next step is to adjust the color curves, and for that, you can click the “Curves” and choose the color type. Once you are done, click the “OK” option.
  • This is how you can easily enhance the color of your picture. The GIMP tool also allows different color enhancing techniques, such as Saturation, Auto Levels, LAB, RGB, and much more.


  • Offers all the editing tools
  • Completely free and easy to use
  • Users can create GIFs as well
  • Edit images in different formats


  • Has Fewer features than order tools
  • The cropping feature is complicated
  • Can’t download large files on time
  1. Lightroom

How to Enhance an Image in Lightroom?

Adobe Lightroom provides many features for enhancing images for free. Yes, you heard it right. You can easily improve your image look and adjust it according to your preference. It has lots of amazing features that work for professional users and beginners. There are different ways that you can use to enhance images in Lightroom. For example, you can select the lens profile correction procedure that will help to solve your lenses issues.

Let’s see how you can easily enhance the image for free in Lightroom.

  • If you want to correct the white balance, you can do it easily by clicking the Basic section. In this section, you will find two different options; temperature and tint. In case you need more options, you can go for tungsten, flash, shade, etc. Select the option according to your preference, and you are good to go. We recommend selecting the temperature.

Using this tool, you can do other corrections as well, including splitting tones, boosting colors with HSL, and much more.

Online Photo Enhancer


If you want to use an online tool that can enhance your images in no time, we recommend trying our Enhance Image program. This online software is really helpful for beginners and provides two different options; intensity enhances an image and color enhances an image. We use AI technology which means your image quality will remain the same. Plus, you don’t have to follow any complicated steps to enhance the image. Just upload the picture, select your desired option, and your image will be ready.

These were some of the best image enhancers that you can use to enhance the images. The advantage of using them is that all are simple, and anyone can use them. Plus, you can easily download them on your PC.


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