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Why do you need compressing images online

Image compression is a widely known task. Compressing image size but at the same time saving image quality is a difficult but really important task. You can meet needs to compress the image in next cases:

  • website development to reduce page load time
  • website development to meet the requirements Google Core Web Vitals
  • reduce the file size of your PowerPoint presentations

Generally exist 2 types of image compression lossless compression and lossy compression. Lossless image compression becomes without loss of any information so each pixel is the same. Lossy compression is a compromise between image quality and image weight. But in general lossy gives better results in terms of bits minimisation.

So it is a widely used task. And now Deep Learning helps us to solve it. On this website you can test one of the AI image compression tools.

Which images can you compressed here

    The images that you want to compress here should match the following requirements:

  • weight up to 10Mb;
  • length and width up to 2500 pixels;
  • picture format .jpg, .jpeg, or .png.

Processing will take a few seconds.

How to compress an image

From the user side – you just need to upload an image, then wait a few seconds and then download the compressed image. From the server side we put images to convolution neural networks. It detects areas that are the most important for the human eye, and then we apply jpeg compression to less important image parts.



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