Stop War

icon Mar 11, 2022

Putin – Hitler of the 21st century

When Germany forcibly annexed Austria in March 1938, many nations hoped that this would end. But then they start with the Czech Republic, Klaipeda region, and even after the attack on Poland, European politicians were looking for a diplomatic solution. Everyone knows how it ended.

Today, right in the center of Europe, there is a repetition of the events which we saw in the Second World War, for which all mankind is ashamed. Russia attacked Ukraine. At 5 am, residents throughout the country woke up from rocket attacks on military and civilian targets. They heard a howl of military sirens while trying to find the nearest bomb shelters. It’s unbelievable, but it’s happening right now, in a European country, almost 100 years after World War II.

If all of us don’t stop Putin, rockets could fall near your house tomorrow. Dictators won’t stop at nothing in their desire for power. Please go to the streets in your cities and demand real actions from your politicians. We do not need your sympathy, we need your help to stop the war, which may come to your home tomorrow.

Putin – Hitler of the 21st century Media:

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