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Blur Image Background

Automatically Blur Background Online in Single Click

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Auto Blur Background Online

Tool automatically select foreground and background, then blur background and combine them back into the one image. as result you got blurry background image.


Tool to blur background online

It is a tool that uses AI to split photos onto two layers: foreground and background. Then it blurs the background on some given radius. And then it combines images back, saving a natural look. Tool available online without installation but you need internet access as soon as it needs access to the GPU server where computation will be done.

How to automatically blur the background?

  • Upload image with the understandable foreground and background
  • AI tool will automatically blur background and give image back
  • you will be able to download it it it looks enough good

Why is it a good idea to blur the background image?

  • Portraits: The blurry background effect can help draw attention to the face and create a more visually appealing image.
  • Sells: To place something on marketplace and sell
  • Focus: you can take Nature photo and blur image background to emulate defocusing
  • Photography: event, food