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Retro Filter For Your Photo

With the vintage filter app, you can give your photos a unique and classic look. Retro filters recreate the features of old-fashioned film cameras and of course, this filter gives photos a vintage look to your digital images and brings your aesthetic to a bygone era.

image image

AI Magic Eraser

You can select the area with the object that you want to remove. Press the button and get an image without that object. This AI tool can be a good helper in cleaning faces, removing unwanted objects from a photo, and just inpaint.

AI magic eraser
image image

AI Art Generator

AI tool that generates images from text description. Input prompt text that describes the image that you want to generate And select the art style from the dropdown menu. The generated image would have a 512 x 512 size and a PNG format.

AI art generator


How does AI Vintage Photo Filter work?

As with any AI photo filter, our vintage photo filter can change the overall look of your photograph. With the right retro photo filter, you can make any photo seem as if it were shot a long time ago, whether it is a landscape, a portrait, or a selfie.

Additionally, vintage filters give photographs a nostalgic and scenic atmosphere, enhancing the composition and giving them a charming appearance. A boring photograph can be transformed into an art piece with the latest retro filters. The Retro filter provides several subtle saturations to improve image quality, make a vintage photo appear more natural, and enhance the overall look of the photo.

Among photography enthusiasts and even ordinary people, old film looks are in vogue. However, who has plenty of time and money to capture and develop photos with old reel cameras?
We let you emulate a retro camera look without breaking the bank to purchase a high-priced retro camera.

Furthermore, it automatically selects with AI the best vintage filter for your photos, which will save you even more time.

How can you make your photo look vintage?

Besides vintage and retro filters, we offer retro 90s filters to enhance the retro aesthetics of your photos. Following are the easy and quick steps you need to follow in order to apply these filters to your digital photos.
Step 1: Open Vintage filter online.
Step 2: Upload your photo.
Step 3: Wait 5-20 seconds.
Step 4: Click to “Download image” and enjoy your retro photo.

Free Online Retro Filter and Pricing

We offer a free retro filter trial for the first 10 images. We also offer the AI image generator, upscaling tools, blur face, AI image generator, and more. Our pricing plans can be found here if you’d like to learn more.