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Photo to Sketch

Conversion photo to sketch is the process of transforming a digital photograph into a hand-drawn sketch or pencil drawing. This technique is often used for artistic or creative purposes, or to create a unique and stylized version of a photograph.

Make sketch
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AI Magic Eraser

You can select the area with the object that you want to remove. Press the button and get an image without that object. This AI tool can be a good helper in cleaning faces, removing unwanted objects from a photo, and just inpaint.

AI magic eraser
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AI Image Generator

AI tool that generates images from text description. Input prompt text that describes the image that you want to generate And select the art style from the dropdown menu. The generated image would have a 512 x 512 size and a PNG format.

AI image generator


What is sketch

A sketch is a simple and quick drawing that’s usually made before a more detailed drawing or painting. It’s like a basic outline of something and is often done with a pencil or pen on paper. Sketches are used in art, design, and illustration to show ideas and concepts quickly. They can be rough and unfinished, but they still give an idea of what something might look like.

How to turn photo to line drawing

To turn a photo into a line drawing manually, you will need to have some drawing skills and tools such as pencils, erasers, and paper. Here are some general steps you can follow:

Choose a photo that you want to turn into a line drawing. Use a pencil to sketch the basic outline of the photo. Focus on the main lines and shapes of the image and try to simplify it as much as possible. Use a finer pencil or pen to add more detail and texture to the drawing. Use shading and hatching techniques to create depth and contrast.

Keep in mind that manually turning a photo into a line drawing can take a lot of time and practice. As Alternative to manual drawing you can use tool on this page.

How to convert photo to sketch online

  1. Upload photo from your prone to the website
  2. Wait 10-20 seconds
  3. Look at the result
  4. If satisfied – press “Download”

How to use sketch

  1. Design. Sketches can be used to create concept designs for a variety of products, including architecture, fashion, industrial design.
  2. Illustration. Sketches can be used to create illustrations for books, magazines, comics, and other forms of media.
  3. Personal projects. Sketches can be used for personal projects, such as creating personalized gifts, decorating your home, or creating a visual journal or personal blog, instagram.
  4. Education. Sketches can be used in educational settings to explain complex ideas and concepts, or to create visual aids for lectures and presentations.
  5. Marketing. Sketches can be used in marketing materials, such as advertisements or social media posts, to create a unique and eye-catching visual.