Top 5 Best New VPN Services Of 2023 That People Should Pay Attention to

icon May 27, 2023

Top 5 Best New VPN 2023

An extensively tested and reliable VPN is a crucial asset in safeguarding your online privacy, as well as improving your streaming and gaming experiences. Whether for personal or professional use, there are countless VPN options on the market to select from. To assist you in determining the best VPN service to suit your requirements, we have meticulously evaluated the main offerings. Here are our top picks for the best VPN 2023.

1. VeePN

VeePN is the new best VPN provider based in Panama. It has gained popularity for its extensive network of servers. While its speed could be better, it still holds up against other options. VeePN offers a range of features, including the ability to connect through a chain of VPN servers (known as multihop) and ad blocking – a welcome addition. Although it does not work with all streaming sites, it still supports a large number of platforms, and its pricing is reasonable.

By connecting to the fastest server available, VeePN enables uninterrupted gaming without any lags affecting your gameplay. Besides, VeePN does not restrict either bandwidth or data usage, making it suitable for extended gaming sessions. If you have made up your mind, you can get a VeePN download from the official app store. You can install this quick VPN on your router, thereby allowing gaming consoles, like Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation. If you want to use this VPN to change location, remember that a server in another country might increase ping. As a result, latency increases a bit as well. VeePN provides the best deal for five years of protection at only $1 per month.

2. ClearVPN

The VPN market is expected to reach $75.59 billion by 2027. This service was released by MacPaw, a relatively new provider. ClearVPN, developed by MacPaw, the creators of CleanMyMac and CleanMyPC, is a user-friendly VPN service that prioritizes your online security. With innovative features such as smart connection presets and a location changer, ClearVPN has unique characteristics. It offers convenience and easy protection without the need for complex settings.

This VPN service boasts stable and fast servers in over 40 countries and is free for Ukranian users. ClearVPN is designed to provide an elegant and engaging user experience, proving that powerful apps can be simple. While it may have some limitations, such as bypassing geo-blocks and advanced security features, and stands out with its unique characteristics.


In addition to standard VPN security measures, this quick VPN for PC offers a unique multi-hop connection feature. This means your internet traffic is routed through two VPN servers, providing an extra layer of protection against potential compromises. Are you wondering: “How to access Netflix with a VPN?” You can use IVPN to do it. This tool stands out from other services by allowing you to choose the specific servers for your multi-hop path, whereas most other services limit you to their pre-set paths.

IVPN offers split tunneling exclusively through its Android, Linux, and Windows apps, enabling you to specify which data is safeguarded. You can use this VPN to hide your IP addresses and browse the web securely. Though VPN is not necessary to link with the Tor anonymization network, IVPN’s VPN client offers convenient access to Tor with a single click. While this option is not provided by IVPN, it is offered by certain other VPN providers. IVPN allows port forwarding at the Pro level but does not supply static IP addresses.

You can select between different pricing options. The Standard package permits connection on only two devices at a time. However, upgrading to the Pro plan will empower the user to connect seven devices simultaneously, open up port forwarding, and enable access to multi-hop connections.


According to statistics, 77% of people use VPNs for personal purposes. If you take a look at VPN reviews, you will see that this Denver-based VPN provider emphasizes the importance of its location in safeguarding users’ privacy. As it is a VPN company based in the United States, its privacy policy undergoes stringent evaluation to ensure maximum security for its users. Private Internet Access provides secure online privacy through encryption and anonymous IP address. Our comprehensive testing sets us apart from other VPNs, and we’re sharing our findings with you.

As a founding member of the alliance, the United States enforces strict data collection laws that Private Internet Access (PIA), headquartered in the U.S., must abide by. Consequently, other VPNs tend to establish their bases in more privacy-friendly countries, such as Panama. Nevertheless, merely being located in the U.S. does not necessarily render PIA an unsuitable VPN, as its privacy policy includes a “no-logs” clause.

Imagine, you have installed this VPN how it works? In essence, PIA assures its users that it does not capture any of their activities while using the network, including IP addresses and visited URLs. Additionally, PIA does not track data usage, thereby ensuring user privacy. This policy is particularly crucial since even if compelled by government authorities to disclose a user’s browsing data, PIA has nothing to share.

PIA has an extensive network of servers, with thousands currently available in 84 countries. While the exact number of servers is unknown, PIA previously reported around 12,000 servers. Its current deal is unmatched with an annual protection plan for a meagre $2 per month.


PrivadoVPN offers top-of-the-line VPN security measures, such as 256-bit AES encryption and a kill switch, ensuring maximum protection for your online activities. With its no-logs policy, IPv6 and DNS leak protection, and the ability to connect up to 10 devices simultaneously, PrivadoVPN is ideal for individuals with multiple devices or large families.

The PrivadoVPN service requires improvement in multiple areas. Notable shortcomings include the absence of advanced security features such as RAM-only servers for a VPN connection and perfect forward secrecy, as well as a lack of supplementary features including split-tunnelling and ad blocking. Additionally, it does not work with several prominent streaming sites such as Netflix, Disney+, and HBO Go. Although some PrivadoVPN servers may take over 40 seconds to connect, they function well following connection. Further, the service could benefit from troubleshooting guides and additional setup tutorials. You can use a free plan to test it out.

Now that you know what is the best VPN, you can get a formidable defence of privacy without sacrificing speed. We strongly urge professionals to adopt a reliable VPN, particularly those who handle sensitive data. A VPN can also offer heightened security when using public Wi-Fi networks, even though the risk of security breaches has diminished over time. Furthermore, a VPN service grants access to vital news and educational content that is otherwise censored in certain countries.


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