What is a PNG file? How to Open or Convert to PNG File Format?

icon Oct 19, 2022

what is png fileWhat is a PNG file? A ping file is a high-quality graphic file. This file format is ideal for maintaining high image quality and sharp contrast. It’s also considered a solid format choice as it provides lossless compression without compromising the image quality. 

All it does is in reasonable file size. However, if you want to convert the PNG file into other formats to reduce disk space or for some reason, don’t worry. We have a solution to it.

 This article covers all the essential points about converting png to jpg, SVG, and pdf. Moreover, the methods explained here are easy to follow. 

What is a PNG File?

Ping or portable graphics network file is one the most versatile formats in the applications. This image file format supports 48 bits of images, 16 bits per channel, and other 16 bits of grayscale images. 

This bit depth is capable of providing alpha channels that benefit transparency variation. The ping or .png format will not affect the quality of the image even after multiple transfers.

Moreover, this format suits perfectly for accurate replication or duplication of a raw image with a compressed file size. After understanding what is a PNG file. Let’s learn about its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of PNG Format

  • The ping format can support 48-bit accurate color images and 16-bit grayscale images. 
  • With the inclusion of the alpha channel, it can vary the transparency.
  • This format doesn’t affect the quality of the image. Therefore, it is usually named the lossless compression format. 

Disadvantages of PNG Format

Usually, this format doesn’t provide a smaller file size than the jpg file format. The large file size may cause inadequate space issues and may not be supportive of your projects. 

How to Open a PNG File on Your Android?

To open or convert a png file format on your android can be more accessible than you think. To learn more about the procedure, please follow the below step. 

Step 1: Go to Play Store

For the first step, grab your phone or tablet with a good internet connection. Click on the play store application installed in your cell. 

playstore on phone

Step 2: Install Picture Editor App

After entering the play store, type the ‘Picture Editor’ in the search bar and hit enter. Click the install button when you get the required app in the search results. 

picture editor in Google Play Market


Step 3: Convert File into PNG Format

When you click to open the app, it may ask you for specific permissions. After allowing the required access to this app, you will find an import option to view the png file.

Choose any jpg photo from the gallery through import to convert into a png format. Click on the share button. Here you will find an option to choose the format; go for png. 

 Click on the ‘save to gallery’ option. Here you’ll get your png file. This way, you can easily open or convert to png file format with this app.

how to convert png file

How to Convert PNG Files into Another Format

After knowing what is a PNG file?. You may need to convert it into different formats for different purposes. Here are some of the png conversions discussed in detail. 

Convert PNG File to PDF

Sometimes, you may not prefer using third-party pdf converters for specific reasons. Through the below steps, you can easily convert a png file to pdf format without any software help.

Step 1: Select the File that Needs to be Converted

In the first step, choose the png files you want to convert into pdf format. Afterward, double-click on the pictures. 

                      select a needed file


Step 2: Choose the Print from the Menu

When the menu pops up after double-clicking the png file, it’s time to go for the print option and click on it.

Choose print

Step 3: Go for the ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’ Option

When you click on the print, a print window will come up before you. From here, in the top left of the print window, through the options, go for Microsoft print to pdf.

Microsoft print to pdf

Step 4: Select the File Size

In the print window, go for the size options on the right side in the form of a row. Choose your desired size for the file. After clicking on the options icon below the row’s right side. A window will come up; here, click ‘Ok.’ After that, hit the window’s print button on the right bottom.

Select the file size

Step 5: Open File in a PDF File Viewer

After hitting the print button, files will get converted into pdf format. Save them into a new folder on your PC. Now, whenever you open this pdf file, choose pdf file viewer or Readers to open this kind of file.

PDF file viewer

Convert PNG to Icon File

Step 1: Choose a PNG File

To convert png to icon file, first, you need to get a png file, whether you get it from Google or your device. Afterward, save it into the pictures folder on your PC. 

Choose a png file

Step 2: Go for the Paint Section

Once you save a png photo on your PC, go to your desktop and hit the window icon on the bottom left to pop up the menu. From here, choose the paint option.

   Select paint

Step 3: Get the File on the Paint Window

Click on the top left ‘paste’ option in the paint window. Go for the option ‘paste from,’ and it will help to get your file to the paint window.

File on paint window 

Step 4: Resize the File

When you get the picture or file on the paint window, choose an option from the top left of the paint window named ‘Resize”. In this option, check the pixels and resize options horizontally and vertically 32, leaving the skew boxes unfilled and empty. Also, uncheck the ‘maintain the aspect ratio.’ Lastly, hit OK.

Resize the file 

Step 5: Trim the File Properties

Click on the top left blue icon to go to the image properties, in the properties, set both boxes with 32 and 32 and click OK.

File Properties 

Step 6: Save the File to a 24-Bit Bitmap And Rename it

Once you are done with the format changes, save the file to your PC. While saving the file, choose 24-bit Bitmap from the format option. 

It’s essential to save your icon file with the ‘.ico’ at the end of the image name. After that, hit the save button. 

Rename and save the file

Step 7: Icon File Format

Here you can easily see that the file format has been converted into an icon format. 

Icon file format

Convert PNG to JPG Without Any Software

Converting a png file into a jpg file on windows is easy. Morely, you can do this all without any third-party software help.

Step 1: Get Your PNG File 

Get the png file to your system to convert into jpg format. For this, double-click on the file and select properties at the bottom of the menu. Here you can see the file format is PNG. 

get Png file


Step 2: Open File in Paint

The next step is to double-click on the file and open its menu. Through the menu, choose the ‘open with option. Here go for paint. 

Open file in paint

Step 3: Save the File in JPG Format

Once the file opens in the paint section, click on the file present on the top left side of the window. Here, in the options, choose the ”save as” option. Through multiple options, go to ”jpg pictures” and right-click on it.

Select jpg

Step 4: Save Your JPG File on Your PC

When you click on the jpg picture option, your file will get saved on your PC, giving you an option to rename the file. After naming the file, hit save. After saving the jpg file to your PC, go to its properties. Here you can check its format, which will be jpg format. 

JPG file on PC

Convert PNG to SVG File for Free

Suppose you need to create an icon for a website and need an SVG format of your desired file. In this case, you’re at the right place. Another good news is all you can do for free. Let’s know further about converting png to SVG through a step-by-step process.

Step 1: Visit SVG Website

Converting a png file to SVG is convenient through this website. You only need to type ‘online jpg converter’ on Google’s search bar. Hit enter, and you will get straight into this website. 

We choo

visit png converter file

Step 2: Upload the File And Adjust the Colors

As you scroll down on the website, You’ll find an option to choose a file. Click on it. Afterward, through the options, choose your desired png file from your PC and click ‘Open.’ 

Once the file gets uploaded to the website, correct the color number and adjust the color palette according to your choice. Here you can change the color as per your desire. 

Upload the file

Step 3: Click to Convert the PNG File to SVG

Once you check and feel satisfied with the image colors, down below the file, you’ll find a green button named generate. Click it. It will convert your png file into SVG within a second. 

Once the conversion gets complete, you can see your SVG file. Click enter in the ‘Download SVG’ option to get the image saved into your system. 

Convert the file to SVG


Wrapping Up

Hope this article helped to find your answer to what is a PNG file. If you want to transfer the images onto multiple platforms and online spaces but don’t want to degrade the image quality, converting the file into png format is a perfect suit. This format has wide use in online spaces and also in the gaming world. 


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