What is a WebP Image File, And Why It’s Essential to Change it into JPG File?

icon Aug 04, 2022

WebP is an advanced image file format used for online websites and stores, mostly known for its next-level compression quality. You may encounter a situation, especially when downloading an image from the website in Webp format. You can’t open it in your browser or Photoshop.

It happens because most browsers don’t support Webp files. The other reason, Webp files have a poor exporting interface. Also, you can’t use Webp image files offline. Therefore, you may find a need for a Webp to jpg converter.

how to convert webp to jpg

A Practical Procedure to Convert WebP to JPG File

Although Webp is a better compression than a jpeg file, different browsers support this format. However, it can create a problem for you if you want to reuse Webp files for different websites that do not support this format. Now, what would you do? Through easy-to-follow steps, you can easily save your favorite files into jpeg format without having to hustle.

Step 1: Go to Your Web Browser

In the first step, you must open your regular browser on a PC, Google Chrome. Here you will see three dot signs on the top right of your browser. Click On it.

Open the menu in the browser

Figure 1. Open the menu in the browser

Step 2: Choose the Settings Option

The menu will come up when you click on the three-dot sign present on the top right of Google Chrome. For here, choose the setting from the menu.


Figure 2. Choose the settings

Step 3: Go for the Extensions Option

On the settings page, you will find an option for an extension on the left side of the page at the bottom. Click on it.


Figure 3. Click on the extension

Step 4: Choose An Extension

When you click on the extension option, you will encounter a Chrome web store. In the search bar, typing ‘image save as’ would help you meet your required option for extension.

Search for the extension

Figure 4. Search for the extension

Step 5: Add the Extension to Your Chrome Browser

In this step, click on the Chrome extension you want to add to your browser. After you click, a page will appear with an option to download. Click on the option ‘Add to Chrome.’

Add extension

Figure 5. Add extension

Step 6: Choose the Desired WebP File

Now, go to the website from where you want to download your favorite Webp file. Once you reach there, double tap on the file to get the full-screen view.

WebP file

Figure 6. WebP file

Step 7: Save Image into JPG

Double-clicking or long pressing on the image will pop up a menu before you. Here, choose the ‘save image as type’ option. Go for the option to save in jpg format. In this way, you will save your image in jpeg format. Now you can easily use jpeg files for different purposes with no worry.

JPG image format

Figure 7. JPG image format

How to Save Webp as JPG with No Converter or Extension?

There can be situations where you don’t prefer software or even an extension for file converting. Therefore, the following step-by-step process can be helpful to you.

Method 1: Change a URL

Step 1: Select the File And Open in a New Tab
In the first step, decide what image you want to save on your PC. Afterward, double-click on the file and choose an option through the menu to open the file in the new tab.Open the file in a new tab

Figure 8. Open the file in a new tab
Step 2: Edit the Image URL
In the further step, the image gets opened in a new tab. Now, it’s time to edit the URL of the image you will find in the search bar. For this, you need to remove the letters till the jpeg. Do not remove jpg. Afterward, click enter.

Edit the URL

Figure 9. Edit the URL
Step 3: Choose an Option to Save File in the Computer
After right-clicking on the image, the menu will come up. Now choose the option named ‘Save image as.’ It will save the file on your device.

Save file

Figure 10. Save file
Step 4: Get the File in JPG Format
When you save the image on your computer, you will get it saved in jpg format. It’s essential to remember that this method doesn’t work on all kinds of files. Therefore, learning about different methods and options can be helpful.

File jpg format

Figure 11. File jpg format

Method 2: Change the filename

Step 1: Select Your Desired Image
Open the web browser and go to the website where you want to download the image. Click on the image to get the full view.

Image full view

Figure 12. Image full view
Step 2: Click on the ‘ Save image as
In the further step, right-clicking on the image would help you meet your required menu. On the menu, choose the option to save the image on the computer.

Save the file

Figure 13. Save the file
Step 3: Add JPG at the End of the Image File Name
When you click on the ‘Save image as an option, a window will come up before you. Here, you can choose the filename of your image. All you need is to add ‘.jpg’ at the end of the filename and click the save button. This way, you can easily image in jpg format.

Change the filename

Figure 14. Change the filename

How to Convert Webp to JPG Format? (Alternative Options)

Google Extension Method
Adding Google extensions makes the process easier for converting Webp to jpg format. You must go to the Chrome web store and download the required extension.
Screenshot Method
The screenshot is an excellent alternative for getting your image file into jpeg format. However, it will not guarantee the quality of the image, but you will get the image somehow in the desired format.
Install Desktop Image Converter
A desktop image converter is another excellent alternative. Also, its exceptional features help enhance the image’s quality and colors. For instance, FlipExt and PixConverter are preferable options.

What Are the Top 3 Best Free Online Apps to Convert WebP to JPG Files?

1. Convertio File Converter

You can easily access Convertio through your web browser. The best part is it’s free and provides options for converting images into jpg format. Working through it doesn’t take much to learn. Also, this app provides you with a wide range of conversions. Facilitating you in converting files even from jpg to WebP.

2. IloveIMG File Converter

IloveIMG file converter is an excellent Webp to jpg converter if you want to save files in jpg format without affecting the quality and colors of the image. This Web app speeds the file conversion process even if you are short on time. Also, you can resize, crop or even compress your file, all for free.

3. FreeConvert File Converter

It’s another best alternative to converting a file into a jpeg image. Also, you don’t need to install it on the device. Instead, you only need to go to the website and put your file to get converted. It’s easy to use online for free and also compatible with different web browsers.

FreeConvert’s security features provide a safe environment for converting files. Morely, this service facilitates you with a wide range of converting options.

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