GIMP VS Photoshop

icon May 08, 2022

Having finally completed the amazing photography you did the other day, you are looking at your pictures and admiring their beauty. As you stare at the pictures, you think they must need editing. At this point, the puzzle of confusion begins! When there are dozens of editing software, each claiming to be the best, you can end up getting more perplexed than usual. However, which one should you choose? To prevent your mind from ringing a GIMP vs Photoshop battle, we’ll give you an opportunity to reflect on both.

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The good news is that we’ve already done the job for you, and you get exactly what you want; a head-to-head comparison between GIMP and Photoshop. Having gone through all these rounds, you’ll surely know what to choose:

Selecting Your Focus

Say, for example, that you only want to brighten a part of a picture and not the whole thing. The best tool for the job is the selection tool. You can just select the thing with a series of shapes and get it done in a moment.

However, you still need a specific tool for the complicated parts. After all, selecting every thread of a pillow will surely drive you crazy! In this battle of GIMP vs Photoshop, you should know that both have automatic selection tools. The magic tool of Photoshop surely works like magic.

On the other hand, GIMP also gives you a range of selection tools. But when it comes to selecting & removing background, our software’s background removal tool can prove to be the quickest as you can remove the entire background in a single click! 

Let’s just select your go-to option. If you want more variety, you should use photoshop. But if you want to get it done in seconds, go for the latter!

Healing That Zit!

The more you zoom into a portrait, the more you find imperfections in it. That’s what everyone can relate to!

Blackheads on the nose and the zit on the cheek will keep annoying you until you heal it with a little editing here and there. When it comes to GIMP vs Photoshop, you will be glad to know that both are almost the same in these terms. They offer a remarkable performance with healing things and cloning them.

Even the long strokes you doubt will cause trouble are done with utmost consistency.

Fix-It With Artificial Intelligence

Sometimes you do not have the time to edit small details and get into the hassle of adjusting contrast, brightness, saturation, and hues. Instant touch-ups are necessary when you’re racing against the clock. With each tick, you want to get the skin cleared. And with every tock, you need brightness, contrast, saturation, and clarity fixed.

Surely you would want to do it in a single click like the AI Image Enhancer option of Upscaler, but there is still time for that feature in other applications. However, you would be glad to know that newer updates of Photoshop have the feature of Neural Filters that can help enhance the image in a few steps.

But on the other side, GIMP loses this round as it does not have solutions to instant-fix problems. It offers you many options but just not the quickest one.

RAW Photo Fixes

With super-high quality cameras, it is not a surprise that your picture will also be of super-high quality. The plus point is that the camera has features to retain that high quality even when transferring the image to other devices. It provides a RAW format that can be adjusted according to your needs at the end.

But not all software is compatible when you try to edit a RAW photo. Does it go well with both GIMP & Photoshop? The answer is a BIG YES! Both the applications have the feature in which you can adjust the RAW picture according to your desire by setting the white balance, contrast, hue, and whatnot!

As for the GIMP vs Photoshop talk, we must say that it is a tie! They both are equally compatible until one provides a new update again.

Interface & Customization

There is one problem, no matter which software you use or which application you choose to deploy. It is that you will have to learn the software. Each software has different interphase and a different layout. Memorizing everything can often take a lot of time, unlike Upscaler.

With thousands of functions to choose from, hundreds of brush forms to select, and a wide set of features, getting yourself familiar on the first try becomes hard. For that purpose, let’s just give them both a tie.

However, the debate does not end there! What if you want to set you’re “battlefield” according to your taste? Photoshop only gives that freedom! Here’s to more customization options in the future!

Matter Of Storage Space

This is not even a question up for debate.  Almost every user knows that to get their hands on the newest version of Photoshop, you must pray your device doesn’t lag.

In the game of GIMP vs Photoshop, Photoshop is the one that needs more storage “space.” No wonder it is more complicated!

But when we talk about GIMP, it requires lesser storage than Photoshop and can be used on different devices.

Who’s The Winner GIMP or Photoshop?

After getting through the whole series of GIMP vs Photoshop, you can undoubtedly say that they both are tough competitors, and it sure was a tough call! They both have features that are unique from the others. The winner depends on your mood and requirements. Surely Photoshop is a more professional tool, but it costs more than free tools.

It is important to mention that can also get you all these functions! We have instant-fix technology, leaving both our competitors in the dust.

In addition, the deblurring tool can fix even the most blurry images within seconds. The best part? There is no risk of losing any pixels when you upscale an image. Nothing is better than having all the features in free software which doesn’t even need downloading or installing. After all, you know what you want! It’s your photography, computer, pictures, and comfort.

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