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Why you should know how to resize an image on iPhone

Every user at least once needed to resize his picture on the iPhone. In fact, from the very beginning, Apple Inc has been designing its famous device which supposed to evolve the creativity of its users. Might say, Mr. Jobs did it.

Nowadays, dozens of different photo editing tools have been developed for iPhones. Modern people buy iPhones for an essentially wider purpose than just making calls. The gadget has an amazing camera, large screen, and perfect navigation. These features throughout the era of social networks make iPhones a tremendous engine of producing photo content. It makes users extend the horizons of modern photography and find the most extraordinary ways of making wonderfully appealing photos.

Integrated into the iPhone camera produces photos of amazingly high quality. It is possible to resize the image a few times and more. The ultra-sensitive camera captures complex landscapes saving every detail as clear as crystal. You can easily crop these images remaining the most interesting parts only.

Tools for resizing pictures on iPhone

There are million and one image editing tool developed especially for iOS. Just visit the Apple store! You will probably get lost scrolling the list of colored icons. Damn, it seems endless. Some apps are free, others require a monthly or annual subscription.

How about we discuss some of them?


For instance, VSCO. The basic set of capabilities is free, while the most interesting filters are paid. The user should download and install the app before using. After it’s done, one should upload the photo library to the application and select the necessary photo. Then the mood “Edit” should be selected and the “Edit” icon should be clicked one more time. Then you will notice the “Crop” icon. Finally! However, this option deals with the resizing only without any further enhancement.

VSCO application interface

Facetune 2

The second item to discuss is Facetune 2. It’s hard to imagine iPhone owners without Facetune 2. Especially, while talking about female users. Sounds familiar? This app provides users with a stack of options for face editing. Along with that, the option for photo resizing is also available. Similar to the capabilities of the previous app (VSCO), the “crop” function means crop only.


You might as well use Unfold templates for creating stories on Insta. Just put your image into the template frame and select an area to remain. The photo becomes resized, but with a significant quality loss at the same time.

Millions of other apps could be discussed. But they all have pretty similar work scheme and resizing possibilities:

  • should be downloaded/installed;
  • need to be purchased;
  • complex UX;
  • provide resizing option without photo enhancement;

Why do you need Image Upscaler to resize pictures on iPhone

Having troubles hypnotizing the icon palette on your smartphone, it’s vital to find simple ways of resolving daily requests Image Upscaler is a very handy service when it comes to resizing photos on iPhone.

Image Upscaler was designed based on Artificial Intelligence. Innovative GAN technology allows us to resize photos and enhance them at the same time. It means that the pic is not only enlarged but also more sharpen and clear. It is all because of the smart networks that were previously trained on billions of different images so that the app now knows how this or that object should look like. This way Image Upscaler understands the structure of objects. The ability to detect the nature of the object assists Image Upscaler to draw the lost pixels so that the picture looks like it was done from the very close distance. It is hard to understand whether the picture was made so or it was resized in Image Upscaler.

This phenomenal tool helps to resize images on different iOS devices. It’s simple, easy-to-use, so even your grandma could use it to enlarge iPhone photos. All you need is to upload a raw photo and download the enlarged one in a few seconds.

Image Upscaler works from the browser, which means you don’t need any rituals like downloading, installation and setting up the service. No dancing with a tambourine! Leave this headache to time wasters.

And one more essential bonus: currently this online service is available for free. It is unique, multi-task and ultra revolutionary.

How to use Image Upscaler to resize a photo on iPhone

The first step is uploading the picture. The UI of Image Upscaler is ultra simple. Just select the necessary image – from the camera library or just make it immediately and click acid green button “Upscale Image”.

Visual guide

Image Upscaler interface

Then wait for a few seconds and press the Download button. Ready! Now, check the magic. Compare two photos and enjoy a tasty difference in before-after.

Before-after upscaling

Other features of Image Upscaler

Despite the extensive iPhone memory capability, you don’t need to download and install the service. Your picture would be enhanced automatically. It doesn’t require any attention and time-wasting from your side. You can enlarge own photo or the picture from the Internet. The service allows enhancing photos with the weight up to 5 Mb.

Image Upscaler might become your devoted friend when it comes to image enhancing. It doesn’t matter whether your iPhone screen is overloaded with icons or not. You can use one multi-tool online service instead of a few different.

Drawing new pixels to the picture is an outstanding ability of Image Upscaler. The majority of photo editing apps have a resizing option. But only a few of them improve the image simultaneously.

It’s better to try once than read a hundred times on how to resize iPhone photo.

Click here and try Image Upscaler now!

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