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icon Nov 16, 2019

Only a lazy one hasn’t heard about Getty Images. Why are Getty images so expensive you may ask. Because this is one of the most famous and prosperous photo banks in the whole world. It is believed that Getty Images is a true and tried service because it has a long history of establishment and development since 1993. You may enjoy shots of the key figures of this century: Merlyn Monroe, President Kennedy, Beyonce as well as remarkable events such as sports matches, concerts, elections, traveling.

forest in the sunny afternoon while autumn season. Carpathian, Ukraine, Europe.
Forest in the sunny afternoon while autumn season. Carpathian, Ukraine, Europe.

This service is unstoppable and is up to date. As there is even an app for your devices that can make the usage even more convenient for you at any time and place. Now it is not just stock with a great number of pictures, it is also brand. Every respectful photographer dreams about uploading their works there, indeed this service is hard to be reached by laymen. No wonder those photos there are real masterpieces. Getty Images is best known for its variety of unique pictures of excellent quality so that this service gives access to its library of photos to anyone who values first-rate images.

What offers Getty Images

  • Plenty of both the newest and photos which are considered to be classic.
  • Only unique pictures.
  • Well-organized searching system.
  • Pictures dedicated to numerous topics and events (everything you are looking for).
  • The most striking ideas which are put into life.
  • Inspiration for you.

If you are a photographer, you should definitely try yourself. Getty Images is considered to be a reserved community. But they often have competitions for best pictures and if you are talented and lucky enough you will have an opportunity to win or even more important thing you will be noticed and invited for a stable job as a photographer. So it is also a great platform where you can become rich and show your talent. But many people neglect the fact that these photos require effort and it is intellectual property, which is very precious and should be paid for by other people for using them.

How much?

o Cost of the pictures is flexible between 50-500€. At this point, you probably think that these images must be pretty good. And in our humble opinion, they are really magnificent.

o Moreover you may make an exclusive purchase. Sounds intriguing, right? It means that you will be the one and only owner of a particular photo. Logically price will be much higher, one shot can be extremely high-priced, but we believe the game is worth the candle, as one photo in the right hands can bring even more money.

o Also cost may depend on the size of the desired picture. The proportion is the following ― the bigger size is more expensive a picture becomes. Large and high-resolution photos are usually required for your blogs and websites, aren’t they? We know it as we also desperately need them and use them. But sometimes we face reality and understand that they cost a fortune. And not everyone can afford to buy photos from Getty Images. And spending all your income on the part of the content seems to be unwise.

How to make a picture larger?

In this very case, one service can save the day. You may download any photo of small size from Getty Images, in order to save your money as it is much cheaper. But how to make small pictures bigger and clear? Image Upscaler is just made for it. It will make an image larger without losing quality in a couple of seconds. You need neither installation nor instruction. It is an online service that is extremely easy to use. The most important thing is that it costs you nothing, as Image Upscaler is out of charge.

Why does making picture bigger without losing quality matter?

  • A person remembers the information with nice-looking pictures much better.
  • Beautiful photos attract more visitors to your website and customers in case you have an online shop.
  • Further printing of images for decoration will be more successful if originally pictures are of good quality.

People perceive the world through visual means. In the era of Instagram, YouTube, and blogging in general our eyes are wide open most of the day. And we are likely to watch genuine content. The proper picture on your website or profile in any social media can change radically direction of your business and life.

Alternative suggestions

Let’s try to cut some of your expenses!

  • Getty Images offers 35 million photos for free, in order to fight with fraudsters which manage to find ways to steal images even without watermark. In any case this generosity is desirable for all of us as now it is legal. Though there are some terms under which you may borrow photos. Now they have «embed tool» that makes adding photos for bloggers possible (only for not commercial purposes) and not all photos can be shared, there are some exceptions. Moreover, these photos will be framed with a code, which will refer to the website and author of an image. This is their attempt to spread responsible sharing of photos on the Internet. That is one small step for now.
  • Getty Images is well-known photo agency. Maybe this fact makes its pictures so expensive. But you can also visit other photo banks, which are probably not promoted enough but still have an amazing content. So you can try for a change something new. And maybe be surprised in a positive way.

To recap, Getty Images is a great source consisting of millions of pictures for every taste and for individual aims of excellent quality. It has the photo you need for sure, just go and find it! Taking into consideration the number of photos they have and their beauty, it will take time. But you will cope for sure. And even if you get a suitable picture and still ask a question about how to scale an image to make it perfect. Image Upscaler is always ready to help. Make a picture larger without losing quality and your temper.

Have a good one!

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